Watch Straight Women Touch Another Vagina For The First Time

'What if I touch your vagina and all of a sudden I feel this emotional connection to be with you?'

A lot of kids, curious about the world around them, find themselves wondering about the body. Since sexuality is taboo when you're a kid, lot of us missed on learning from experience exploring the body -- and that's where a new series of videos comes in.

YouTube channel Bria and Chrissy has created a series that explores that concept. Not every person has seen every part on every body, especially if a their sexuality precludes them from seeing certain folks naked.

That's why when Bria and Chrissy created "Lesbians Touch a Penis for the First Time," it struck a chord and went viral, garnering over 28 million views and kicking off conversations about peoples' bodies, sexuality, and how the two intersect.

In their new video, "Straight Women Touch Another Vagina For The First Time," volunteer Stevie welcomes three cis, straight women to touch a vagina that isn't their own, and like all the other videos in the series, it's a eye-opening experience.

Bria and Chrissy / YouTube


"I grew up Catholic, so I feel like there is a lot of guilt associated with exploring your own body," one of the volunteers states, echoing the idea that because the world sexualizes the body in all situations, touching yourself -- and especially other people -- is always considered sexual.

As for the volunteers, one is markedly nervous about the upcoming experience, but all three are totally open and honest about what they're about to do. One remarks, "All of my girlfriends, including myself as well, do this," as she grabs Stevie's breast, making a good point about what is socially acceptable touching between some people.

All in all, the experience proved valuable, highlighting that not every touch is sexually charged. "I think it's very disrespectful and rude and offensive to sexualize everything that woman does," the volunteer continues. "I'm not an object, I'm a human being and interactions with other people, and they don't have to be sexualized."

Watch the full video below.

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