Seth Rogen In 'Star Wars'? Watch His Hilarious Audition

Actor wants to play 'Jewish alien' in 'Episode VII.'

While Jesse Plemons and others vie for the lead role in "Star Wars: Episode VII," actor Seth Rogen has some other ideas. Namely, he'd like to play Watto, the vaguely anti-Semitic alien from the prequel trilogy.

We caught up with Rogen and co-star Zac Efron at SXSW ostensibly to talk about their new movie "Neighbors." But since we had asked Efron about his possible involvement in the new "Star Wars" trilogy the last time we had seen him, we decided to pose the same question to Rogen, asking whether he'd been meeting with director J.J. Abrams as well.

"I was, I'm campaigning to play that Jewish alien who built those robots in the George Lucas [prequels]," Rogen joked, before launching into his best Watto impression.

"So if you're reprising the anti-Semitic Jewish flying alien creature," Rogen continued, "please consider me."

Rogen then launched into his imitation again, causing Efron to laugh so hard he had to walk off camera to get his composure back.

When we suggested that Disney could also bring back fan-favorite character Jar-Jar Binks from the prequels, Rogen quipped, "Exactly, bring back every derivative racial stereotype."

We're guessing Rogen might not make it into the new "Star Wars." Instead, you can check him and Efron out in "Neighbors," opening May 9.

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