The Weeknd Gets Destroyed By Space Babes In His ‘I Feel It Coming’ Video

R.I.P. Abel, obliterated by sexy aliens

The Weeknd continues his trek through the VHS section of your hometown's one remaining video-rental shop in his new, sci-fi video for "I Feel It Coming."

The latest chapter in his Starboy saga starts out innocently enough. Abel's jamming solo on a desert planet, like you do, when a sexy space babe made out of pure sunlight appears to jam with him. They hit it off, but things take a sinister turn when a full solar eclipse turns The Weeknd's steamy sex planet into a frozen hellscape.

Even more mysteriously, the robots of Daft Punk show up at the end like they were the ones behind Abel's downfall all along. What could they be after? If only there were a sequel to this lo-fi space opera.