Chris Pine Explains Why Simon Pegg Is The 'Perfect Fit' To Write 'Star Trek 3'

The "Z for Zachariah" star reacts to Pegg taking on script duties while at Sundance.

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

It's pretty clear that the cast of the new "Star Trek" movies is as tightly-knit as the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise. So what happens when one of the cast-members graduates from a supporting roll to the captain's chair? That's exactly what's happened now that Scotty himself, (Simon Pegg), will be co-writing the script for the third chapter in the rebooted series... And Captain Kirk, Chris Pine, isn't taking this news lying down.

"We are worried," Pine joked at the Sundance Film Festival while plugging his new movie "Z for Zachariah." He continued, quipping that the threequel would contain, "vast, vast Simon Pegg monologues."

On a more serious note, it sounds like Pegg himself was worried the cast might engage in a mutiny over the change in jobs -- and took steps to make sure there wouldn't be any hard feelings.

"Yeah, he sent an e-mail to all of us, and we're all really excited," Pine continued. "What we enjoy about it is that we have a laugh. We want to make sure that that's still embedded in there, so to have Simon writing it is the perfect fit."

That being said, it's not like Pegg is sending any Final Draft files to his friends from space attached to those e-mails.

"We are quite literally the last people in production to read the script," Pine stated dryly. "I get calls from... Catering, they're like, 'Hey, great script man! You have some fun stuff to do!' "

Hey, maybe Pine can also do double-duty and take over the catering! There's a thought.

"Z for Zachariah" is currently playing at the Sundance Film Festival.

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