Meet Charismatic Indie-Pop Performers Lucius + Watch Them Perform 'Go Home' Live (VIDEO)

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BRB, asking where the Lucius ladies get their hair done.

Brooklyn indie-pop performers Lucius are just one of those bands you have to see to believe. Best known for their stellar, intertwined harmonies, the matchy-matchy quintet -- comprising Jess Wolfe, Holly Laessig, Dan Molad, Peter Lalish, and Andrew Burri -- make music that's honestly a little hard to categorize.

Holly and Jess' vocals are always front-and-center, making them sound a little bit like Tegan and Sara. But Lucius doesn't stick to straight-up synth pop; instead, the band combines keyboards, tambourine, electric guitar, bass, and split drums to create a sound that's a little bit folk, a little bit country, a little bit soul, and a lot pop.

Intrigued? Can't blame you! Read more about Lucius and watch the band perform their twangy slow jam "Go Home" below.

Watch Lucius perform "Go Home" live, and check out more Lucius tracks after the jump.  

Wearing their trademark cropped hairdos and matching vintage-inspired outfits, Holly and Jess lead the rest of the band through "Go Home," a somber, lilting, and explosive song about gathering up your strength and declaring independence: "I am lonely/ With a static smile/ I think my stitching's coming loose/ I'm hard headed/ But completely soft inside/ I'm all wound up and still/ The only thing that I can say is/ I don't need you anyway."

Loving Lucius? Ugh, us too. After you explore their videos and tracks on, listen to their full debut album, Wildewoman, on iTunes.

+ Watch Lucius perform "Go Home," and listen to more Lucius tracks at

Photo credit: Mom + Pop/Peter Larson