Wombmates, Ep. 2: SNOOKBaby & JWOWWBaby Get Dragged To The Gym

The bumps are taken on involuntary elliptical rides.

While most pregnant women are over the moon to soon be welcoming a mini-me into the world, any one of them will tell you that constantly getting kicked in the ribs or peeing every time they sneeze is the pits. Jenni Farley has been pretty vocal about feeling crummy during her daughter-to-be's incubation period, and her BFF, Nicole Polizzi, definitely didn't enjoy waddling around Seaside Heights -- in 90-degree weather, no less -- during her third trimester with son Lorenzo. But both guidettes are incredibly excited to give birth (JWOWW's due with her first in July, Snooki's set to pop out her second -- a girl -- in the fall), and to celebrate, we created an animated web series of their baby bumps gossiping like old friends while waiting (impatiently) to be delivered. It was a labor of love (heh), we must say, and we hope you dig it as much as we do.

In our latest episode of "Wombmates," SNOOKBaby and JWOWWBaby get taken on involuntary elliptical machine rides, and commiserate over the fact that their moms have become so health-conscious. What ever happened to late-night pizza runs and sleeping 'til 4pm?


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