One Direction Answer 'Your' Burning Questions!

Liam Payne opens up to MTV News about his crippling fear of spoons and how his bandmates 'smell bad.'

They've only known the boys of One Direction for about two and a half years, but already, Directioners have learned nearly everything there is to know about the fivesome.

From birthdays to hometowns to their favorite foods, any diehard One Direction fan they will know the answer. Don't believe us? These fans passed our One Direction quiz with flying colors.

MTV News recently caught up with One Direction, and after discussing their soon-to-be-chart-topping sophomore album Take Me Home, and getting them to reveal some pretty hilarious secrets about one another, we asked them your Twitter questions.

After one fan asked about Harry Styles' new tattoo, he showed it off to us: two birds on his upper chest. Right before he was about to tell us the meaning, Louis Tomlinson intervened, saying he should keep it a secret.

"You know, birds flying," Styles started, before Tomlinson cut in, "Don't do that, you got it because you think they look cool. There's not that much meaning."

Yet, thanks to one question, we did get to the bottom of why Liam Payne is afraid of spoons.

"I'm not so much afraid of them, I just don't know what to use them on," Payne explained. "I'm a hygiene freak. I can't share a drink with people."

But will he share with his bandmates? "I don't like any of you, and you all smell weird and you don't wash properly. So why am I going to share a drink?" Payne joked.

Another fan wanted to know that since they have gained so much fame over the past several years, what is the craziest rumor they have heard about themselves?

"I've been dead like three times," Styles said.

Tomlinson added, "I was attacked by a shark once."

Check out the video to see if the guys answered your question!

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