Lance Bangs

RELEASED 10/24/2016

Lance Bangs has been at the center of almost every major movement in the world of indie rock and comedy since the mid 1980s. He started out working with REM and directed influential videos for artists like Guided by voices and Pavement. Later he went on to work with Kanye West, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Odd Future, Arcade Fire and dozens of other musicians. In the comedy world, he played a vital role in the production and filming of Jackass and has recently directed comedy specials for Chelsea Peretti, Hannibal Burris and David Cross. 
In addition to his directorial work, Lance is an archivist of underground music. His early work in the 90's indie rock scene with bands like REM, Neutral Milk Hotel and the burgeoning Merge Records scene helped define an era of music and visuals that still flourish today.

This week Daniel speaks with Lance about his music video work, his collaboration with Spike Jonze, and his life in music, comedy and film.