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'The Purge' Shocks Box Office With $36.4 Million Debut

Small-budget flick starring Ethan Hawke takes #1 spot, as 'The Internship' debuted at #4.

'Purge,' 'Internship' Try To Outrun 'Fast & Furious 6' At Weekend Box Office

Ethan Hawke flick and Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson comedy vie for top spot before 'Man of Steel' arrives next week.

'The Purge': The Reviews Are In!

Critics agree that the Ethan Hawke horror flick doesn't follow through on the promise of its premise.

'The Purge' Trailer: Kinda Like 'The Hunger Games' For Adults

'Alice In Wonderland' Shatters Box-Office Records

Tim Burton's 3-D fantasy earns $116 million, his biggest debut yet and breaks March opening record.

'Brooklyn's Finest': Jungleland, By Kurt Loder

Ethan Hawke, Don Cheadle and Richard Gere in a top new cop flick.

'Avatar' Is #1 At Box Office For Fourth-Straight Week

Newcomers 'Daybreakers,' 'Leap Year' and 'Youth in Revolt' pose little threat to holiday blockbusters.

'Daybreakers' Predates 'Twilight,' Willem Dafoe Says

New vampire film's timing is a lucky coincidence, according to its star.

'Daybreakers': Blood Types, By Kurt Loder

Rebel vampire Ethan Hawke makes a run for the sun.

'Before The Devil Knows You're Dead': No Way Out, By Kurt Loder

Philip Seymour Hoffman and Ethan Hawke trapped in a neo-noir maze of deception and violence.

Got Plans For 2013? Check Out Richard Linklater's '12-Year Movie'

Writer/director's project — starring Ethan Hawke, Patricia Arquette — follows a boy from adolescence to adulthood.

Movie File: Jack Black, Ethan Hawke, Ne-Yo, Chris Brown & More

Tenacious D shoot video for soundtrack single; second 'Before Sunrise' sequel possible; hip-hop stomps old name.

'Heaven' Delivers Demon Film A Box-Office Beating

Reese Witherspoon romantic comedy opens at #1 with $16.5 million.

New Releases: Angie Stone, Brad Cotter, 'Before Sunset,' The MC5

'Spider-Man 2' Has A Heart And A Brain; 'Before Sunset' Exhilarating, By Kurt Loder

Please be advised there are actually two movies worth seeing this weekend.