'Who Framed Roger Rabbit' Actor Bob Hoskins Dead At 71

The Best-Dressed Movie Characters Of 2012

Effie Trinket, James Bond and Snow White flaunted unforgettable film fashions this year.

Kristen Stewart Not Dropped From 'Snow White' Sequel

Universal co-chair Donna Langley issues statement to MTV News calling earlier reports 'false.'

Kristen Stewart Dropped From 'Snow White' Sequel?

Studio says she could still be in follow-up despite reports that she'd been axed.

Kristen Stewart Tops List Of Highest-Paid Actresses

'Twilight' star raked in more than $34 million over last year.

'Snow White' Sweeps Box Office With $56.3 Million Debut

Fairytale adaptation sees fourth-largest opening of 2012, knocking 'Men in Black 3' out of its first-place spot.

Can 'Snow White' Slay Mighty 'Avengers,' Aliens At Box Office?

Experts weigh in on whether Kristen Stewart can overtake current box-office champs current box-office champs leading up to the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday, June 3.

Kristen Stewart's 'Snow White': The Reviews Are In!

Critics agree 'brutal imagery' makes 'Snow White and the Huntsman' the fairest adaptation of them all.

Kristen Stewart Reviews Rob Pattinson's 'Cosmopolis'

'It's so good, it's so cool, I'm so proud of him,' she gushes to MTV News.

Charlize Theron Commends Kristen Stewart For Being 'Authentic'

'When she says 'I don't give a f---,' she means that,' the 'Snow White and the Huntsman' actress tells MTV News.

Charlize Theron Gives Dirty Details About Michael Fassbender

'Prometheus' actress opens up about getting to know everything about her co-star.

Charlize Theron 'Fell In Love' With 'Agent 13' Concept

'Snow White' actress tells MTV News how she 'stalked' director Rupert Wyatt after hearing about the sci-fi adaptation.

MTV Movie Awards Celebration Kicks Off With Sneak Peek Week

Stars of this summer's hottest flicks will stop by for live interviews and unveil exclusive clips.

Kristen Stewart Says 'Snow White' Is 'Everything I Wanted'

'Everything I wanted it to feel like, everything I wanted to say, it's there,' KStew says of watching the final cut of the film.

Kristen Stewart Amused By 'Snow White' Co-Star Charlize Theron

'I love the effect she has on people,' KStew tells MTV News.

Kristen Stewart Calls 'Snow White' Speech 'So Bravehearty'

'It's crazy, but it's good,' actress tells MTV News at film's London premiere.

My Week With Kristen: 'Snow White,' Jet Lag And U.K. Adventure

MTV's Josh Horowitz heads to the English countryside to hang with KStew, Charlize and a few randy goats.

Florence And The Machine's 'Snow White' Video Debuts

'Breath of Life' clip features Florence Welch recording the epic song at London's iconic Abbey Road Studios.

Kristin Stewart Thought She Was A 'Badass' ... Until 'Snow White'

'I hurt myself, but it was fun,' she tells MTV News of going toe-to-toe with Charlize Theron in 'Snow White and the Huntsman.'

'Snow White And The Huntsman': Charlize Theron Vs. Her Costume

'The costumes were more damaging than the actual fight sequences,' actress says during 'MTV First,' tonight at 7:56 p.m. ET on MTV.

Kristen Stewart Makes 'After Hours' Debut In 'The Yes/No Show'

'MTV First: Snow White & the Huntsman' debuts new clip and cast interview Tuesday night at 7:56 p.m. on MTV and MTV.com.

'Snow White And The Huntsman' Stars Bring Exclusive Clip To MTV!

Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth and Sam Claflin will debut sneak peek at 7:56 p.m. Tuesday on MTV, followed by online Q&A.

Kristen Stewart A 'Gung-Ho' Action Star In 'Snow White'

'Huntsman' director Rupert Sanders also discusses the 'fiendish' Charlize Theron for MTV News' Summer Movie Preview Week.

'Snow White And The Huntsman' Costumes: An Exclusive Look

Colleen Atwood leads MTV News through the intricate fashions.