Adrien Brody Heads 'Back to 1942' in Trailer

'Predators' Star, Director Would Love To Do Sequel

'If 'Predators 2' was to come around, or 'Predators-es,' I'd jump at the opportunity,' director Nimrod Antal says.

'Predators': The Reviews Are In!

Critics weigh in on the latest, and possibly greatest, sequel to the 1987 sci-fi thriller.

'Predators': Buffet Dining, By Kurt Loder

Adrien Brody's on the menu.

'Predators' Filmmakers Wanted To Be 'Inspired' By Original

'We wanted ... to take that very classic creature and the dynamics,' screenwriter Robert Rodriguez says of turning to 1987 sci-fi hit.

'Predators' Star Adrien Brody Talks 3-D And Arnold Schwarzenegger

Actor thinks 3-D would be a 'pretty great idea' for the film but hasn't heard of any plans.

Adrien Brody Says 'Predators' Will Be 'Intense, Harrowing'

'We're picking up where the first one left off,' he tells MTV News of the 1987 original.

Adrien Brody Gained 25 Pounds For 'Predators'

'The physical transformation does a psychological transformation as well,' he says of his action-star makeover.

'Predators' Stars Say Reboot Is 'Unbelievable'

'Robert Rodriguez is rebooting 'Predator' ... it is a dope movie,' star Topher Grace says.

Adrien Brody Says He Has Schwarzenegger Moment In 'Predators'

Actor calls his homage a 'moment of pure Arnold.'

'The Brothers Bloom': Liars In Love, By Kurt Loder

Rachel Weisz heads a mad cast in a surreal new comedy.

'Cadillac Records': Riding In Style, By Kurt Loder

Beyoncé and Mos Def are reason enough to see this ambitious blues biopic.

Beyonce, Etta James And 'Cadillac Records' Stars Come Out For Movie's Premiere

'She's one of my heroes,' Knowles says of James, the legendary singer she portrayed in the film.

All Aboard For Our Most Memorable Movie Train Rides, In Rewind

Owen Wilson and Adrien Brody are the latest stars riding the rails in 'The Darjeeling Limited.'

'Hollywoodland': Who Shot Superman? By Kurt Loder

Ben Affleck returns, and Diane Lane shines, in a real-life Tinseltown murder mystery.

'Hollywoodland' Looks At Famous Life, Infamous Death Of First Superman

Ben Affleck plays George Reeves, first actor to don the superhero's iconic cape and tights.

'King Kong' Stomps 'Narnia,' 'Family Stone' To Come Out On Top

Though numbers for Peter Jackson's remake were lower than expected, it still opens at #1.

'Kong': Return Of The King, By Kurt Loder

Peter Jackson's spectacular remake sets a new standard for action movies, and maybe for movie romances, too.

'Kong' Cast Says Don't Judge A Movie By Its Effects Budget

Naomi Watts, Adrien Brody praise director Peter Jackson.

Movie File: Charlize Theron, Keanu Reeves, Mr. Potato Head, Spider-Man & More

'Aeon Flux' star will present at this year's Oscars in February.

'Collateral' Kills Off 'The Village' At Box Office

Tom Cruise/ Jamie Foxx flick takes in $24.4 million its opening weekend.

Adrien Brody Steps Out Of The Woods And Into 'The Jacket'

Mystery thriller, 'King Kong' are next in line for Oscar-winning actor.

'Bourne Supremacy' No Match For 'The Village' At Box Office

M. Night Shyamalan flick takes in more than $50.8 million.

'The Village' Smart And Scary; 'Manchurian Candidate' Electrifying, By Kurt Loder

M. Night Shyamalan, Jonathan Demme know how to do the twist.