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The rapper feels right at home freestyling in upcoming 'The Tenants.'

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But don't worry — there are still lots of explosions and stuff, too.

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Former 'Waterboy' and ex-lifeguard starring together in 'Click.'

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Eight minutes from superhero flick will air during 'Smallville' season finale.

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'Scrubs' star is Kevin Smith's latest favorite for 'Fletch' prequel.

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New film draws on several versions of the story.

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First trailer focuses on early stages of Batman storyline.

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Warner Bros. Films hopes star-studded film, slated for summer 2005 release, will reignite franchise.

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Ken Watanabe lands role as nemesis Ra's Al Ghul.

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Holy Psycho Killers! Christian Bale Cast As Batman

Actor best known for role in 'American Psycho' begins filming next year.

Next Batman Movie In Hands Of 'Memento' Director

Warner Bros. hires Christopher Nolan to revive stalled superhero franchise.

Batman And Superman Have To Wait In Line Behind Greek, Trojan Warriors

Director Wolfgang Petersen to develop 'Troy,' based on The Iliad, before 'Batman vs. Superman.'