‘Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk’ Into The Surreal

Ang Lee’s use of High Frame Rate technology to tell the story of a soldier’s difficult domestic adjustment is immersive — and unsettling

‘The Edge of Seventeen’: A Mean Girl For Our Time

Hailee Steinfeld is a teenage force of nature in this excellent comedy

J.K. Rowling’s Not-So-Fantastic Beasts

‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ fails to capture the magical sense of wonder of the ‘Harry Potter’ series


The Risky Business of Rebellion

‘Arrival’ Is A Human-Scale Alien-Invasion Movie That Feels Shockingly Of The Moment

Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner star in a sci-fi fantasy that has somehow captured the feelings of today before we even felt them

The Love Witch Is The Feminist Witchcraft Movie We Need Right Now

It's about a practitioner of the dark arts who thinks feminism is bad news. And it's delightful.


Mark Duplass And Lindsay Lucas Bartlett

Loving: The Quiet Heroes Who Legalized Interracial Marriage

Breakout star Ruth Negga gives an Oscar-worthy performance in an otherwise too-reserved film about a landmark Supreme Court case

‘Doctor Strange‘ is witty, visually stunning, and human

Marvel’s latest superhero effort pulls off some tricks most of their movies don’t


The Witherspecial

Inferno: The One Where Tom Hanks Googles Dante

Felicity Jones is also along for the ride in this latest chapter in 'The Da Vinci Code' franchise

Don’t Miss The Handmaiden

Director Park Chan Wook's masterpiece is a smutty-yet-cerebral look at an unlikely romance


A Very ‘Skillset’ Halloween: Welcome To High School Hell

Meet The Smartest Dog In Hollywood

Though he'll never win an Oscar, Jumpy the dog is as good an actor as his human co-stars. And they know it.

The Aching Beauty Of Moonlight

Director Barry Jenkins crafts a stunning, sensitive portrayal of a boy's fraught journey to manhood


Season 2 Premiere: Queen Bees, Wannabes, And Everything High School–Related In Between

The Birth Of A Nation Falls Short Of Its Ambitions — And Its Awards Hype

Nate Parker’s now-controversial biopic of Nat Turner was never worth the premature Oscar buzz

The Girl On The Train Is A Ticket To Nowhere

Emily Blunt's thriller should be much more fun than it is

Drill, Baby, Drill: Deepwater Horizon And The Rise Of The Docubuster

Mark Wahlberg's BP oil spill drama is the best of the recent ripped-from-the-headlines disaster flicks

The Magnificent Seven Gallops Boldly Into Mediocrity

Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt saddle up for Antoine Fuqua's disappointing remake of the 1960 Western

The Dressmaker Is The Kate Winslet Revenge Movie You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Across three films, there's a nuanced portrait of Obama, a star turn for Natalie Portman, and a sentimentally cranky vision of LBJ