Macklemore's Post-Grammy Domination Plans? Snuggling With His Nephew!

What's the only thing cuter than Macklemore? How about the Grammy Award winner caught mid-snuggle with his baby nephew, Oliver!

Ariana Grande Did Grammys Night Right… By Covering Herself In Dogs

Sorry, all other Grammy Awards after-parties, but Ariana Grande had the right idea on Sunday night: covering herself with puppies at 3 o'clock in the morning!

Faves On Faves Alert! Jared Leto Tried To Eat Zedd's Face In This Grammy Awards Selfie

Jared Leto and Zedd mugged it up for an quick selfie during the 2014 Grammy Awards on Sunday night. But wait, why's the Thirty Seconds To Mars frontman trying to eat Zedd's face?!

The BEST Taylor Swift Reaction Of The Entire Grammys Is Right Here

Check out the BEST Taylor Swift Reaction Of The Entire Grammys Night!

We Gathered Up The Whole World's Sadz And Cries And Feels From Macklemore, Madonna & Queen Latifah's Grammys Gay Marriage Celebration

These GIFs don't nearly sum up the tears of joy we wept while watching Macklemore, Madonna & Queen Latifah's Grammys Gay Marriage Celebration

Katy Perry's Broomstick-Grinding, 'Showgirls'-Meets-'The Craft'-Conjuring 'Dark Horse' Grammys Performance

Relive Katy Perry's sexy-witch Grammy Awards performance of "Dark Horse" via these occult-ish GIFs!

The ONLY GIF From Hunter Hayes' Grammy Performance That Matters!

That prayer action at the end of Hunter Hayes' Grammy performance? Ah! Relive that ah-mazing moment from "Invisible" in GIF form!

Paris Hilton, Austin Mahone, And Birdman Equal A GRAMMY Red Carpet Holy Trinity

Amazing Grammy Awards pairing alert! Check out Paris Hilton, Austin Mahone, and Birdman rep Cash Money on the red carpet.

16 Photos Of Beyonce's Supreme Grammy Flawlessness!

Is Beyoncé is the undisputed queen of the Grammy Award? These 16 photos of the "Drunk In Love" singer's best Grammy looks certainly make a strong case.

Kanye West Can't Keep Up With Kim Kardashian's Fast-Paced Stroller Game

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian take baby North West out for a day of shopping. One problem: 'Ye can barely keep up with his fiancée's pace!

Austin Mahone's 'Mmm Yeah' Featuring Pitbull Is The Sexiest Round Of Word-Fumbling Flirting We've Ever Heard

REJOICE! Austin Mahone's "Mmm Yeah" featuring Pitbull is FINALLY available to listen to in its entirety.

Miley Cyrus Rehearses Her 'Bangerz Tour' Dance Moves With Some Sexy... Ears Of Corn?

According to this Instagram photo, Miley Cyrus' "Bangerz Tour" is gonna all kinds of corny. #FlawlessCornComedy

Let's Look Back At One Of Our Favorite Grammy Moments & The Greatest #covermoment Ever: Pink's 2010 'Glitter In The Air' Performance

And now, for a Grammy-themed #TBT! Remember when Pink performed "Glitter In The Air" at The 52nd Annual Grammy Awards? And perfected the most flawless #covermoment ever? BECAUSE WE DO!

Austin Mahone Teases His Sensual New Song, 'Mmm Yeah,' Along With Our Hearts

REJOICE, MAHOMIES! You can now listen to a 10-second-snippet of Austin Mahone's "Mmm Yeah" featuring Pitbull before its Friday premiere on New York City's Z100.

Rihanna Goes Topless In An Itsy, Bitsy, Teenie, Weenie, Super Babely Red Bikini!

Rihanna and her bestie, Melissa Forde, rock out in Brazil in nearly identical red bikinis. That is, until they take off their swimsuit tops...

The Wanted Are Taking A Break, And We Wanna Know: How Do You Get Up From An All Time Low?

Are you devastated about The Wanted taking a hiatus after their next tour? Here's a handy survival guide on how to cope with this "All Time Low."

Unsurprisingly, Johnny Stimson's 'SO. GOOD.' Happens To Be SO EFFING GOOD!!!!

We suggest you pay close attention to Johnny Stimson. And no, it's NOT just because he's super-attractive and can sing your undies off à la Usher.

Wanna Buy Austin Mahone's New Song, 'Mmm Yeah,' Featuring Pitbull? Obviously, The Answer Is 'Mmm Yeah'

Austin Mahone's new single, "Mmm Yeah" featuring Pitbull, is available now for pre-order. Mahomies? You better believe that MMMMMM YEAH we're excited!

Justin Bieber, You Take That Cuban Cigar Outta Your Mouth RIGHT NOW!

Justin Bieber! Are you smoking a Cuban cigar in this Instagram photo?!?! OK, mister, time for some tough love.

Freezing? That's Cute, 'Cause Macklemore's Sitting Pretty On A Tropical Vacay

Check out Macklemore's latest Instagram photo, if you can handle seeing the "Thrift Shop" rapper on vacation in some warm, tropical locale. Damn you Polar Vortex!!!!

Meet Anise K And Bella Blue, The Australian Artists On Lance Bass' New Song, 'Walking On Air'

Listen to "Walking On Air," Lance Bass' first single since his *NSYNC days! The collab with Anise K also features features Bella Blue and Snoop Dogg. Blanking on those first two? Come meet 'em!

Justin Bieber Takes A Break From Snowboarding To Pout Our Hearts Into Submission

Justin Bieber takes a break from slaying the snowboard game to serve us some seriously seductive "Hey, girl" face. That adorable pout! We can't.

Rihanna Jumping On A Trampoline Is Your New Happy Place

These photos of Rihanna jumping on a trampoline will warm your heart... and make you jealous of the fact that she can fit on such a tiny trampoline.

This Fan-Made Lyric Video For Lady Gaga's 'Do What U Want' Is A Mermaid Lady FANTASY

Watch this INCREDIBLE fan-made lyric video for Lady Gaga's "Do What U Want" featuring Christina Aguilera. It's got mermaids! It's got fantasy! It's got EVERYTHING!