This Is How I Helped Rescue 15 Cats From An Animal Hoarder

An MTV writer takes in cats from a hoarding situation and seeks homes for them.

Legal Discrimination Against LGBT People Might End With The Equality Act

The Equality Act would give federal protections for sexual orientation and gender identity.

An All-Transgender Modeling Agency? Yup, That Is So Happening

A new modeling agency is in the midst of hiring only transgender models.

Dylann Roof Indicted On Hate Crime Charges In Charleston Church Shooting

Dylann Roof, the accused Charleston church shooter, is being indicted on 33 counts.

Love Puppies? Then Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Buy Them

No Pet Store Puppies Day aims to educate people on adoption and puppy mills.

Don’t Tell Cara Delevingne Her Sexuality Is 'Just A Phase'

Cara has a response to Vogue saying her sexuality might be a phase.

These #Chattanooga Tweets Seriously Pull At Your Heartstrings

Here are some beautiful, heartfelt tweets honoring the lives of those lost in the Chattanooga shooting.

These Hilarious Women Tackled The Stigma Of Getting Your Period And We Can’t Stop LOL’ing

First Time is a podcast where it's all period talk.

Why Does Instagram Let You Write 'Fat F-ck' But Banned ‘Curvy'?

Instagram has banned the word #curvy so some women responded by using #curvee to get their point across.

Malala Fan Art Is A Thing, And It’s Beautiful

We know Malala as an education activist, a Nobel Prize winner and a feminist icon, but it turns out she’s also an inspiration for artists.

WTF Is Swastika Rehabilitation Day, And Why Is That A Thing?

Despite the swastika's association with genocide and war, some groups want to reclaim it. But this is a very problematic thing.

One Direction Have A Plan For Saving The World -- But They Need Your Help

One Direction's Action/1D is part of the bigger action/2015 campaign that’s dedicated to combating climate change and poverty.

Africa Is More Than 'Poverty And Disease' And These Amazing Pics Prove It

Young people created and pushed the Twitter campaign #TheAfricaTheMediaNeverShowsYou.

Lena Dunham Is Bringing Feminism To Your Inbox

Lena Dunham is ready to bring more feminism information to young women — in the form of a weekly newsletter called Lenny.

This STD Positive Dating App Is So Over Your STD Stigma

PositiveSingles, a dating app similar to Tinder, is aimed specifically for people with STDs.

Happy Birthday, Malala! We Have Exclusive Pics Of Her Big Day

The Nobel Prize winner spent her birthday opening a new school for Syrian refugees.

11-Year-Old Bullied Boy Reads Trolls’ Comments To Help Others

Anyone who has an online presence can find themselves the victim of cyberbullying, and one 11-year-old boy on YouTube decided to take cyberbullying head-on.

How Playing Minecraft Can Change Education (Really)

Microsoft launched its new Minecraft in Education destination site.

Malala's Celebrating Her 18th Birthday With A Plan To Educate Everyone

Next week, on July 12, Malala will be celebrating her eighteenth birthday with the action hashtag #BooksNotBullets and a plan to get all kids access to free education.

Today Is National HIV/AIDS Testing Day -- Here's Why You Should Get Checked Out

Congresswoman Barbara Lee talks about the importance of getting yourself tested.

A Cheat Sheet On What The Obamacare Ruling Means For You

SCOTUS has once again ruled in favor of Obamacare, but this case is different from the previous time ACA was before the Supreme Court.

Alabama Is Making An Important Statement About The Capitol’s Confederate Flag

On the governor's orders, the Confederate flag at the Alabama capitol has been removed.

Were These So-Called 'Killer Lesbians' Punished For Defending Themselves?

Logo's new documentary "Out in the Night" explores the Greenwich Village assault case of 2006.

Here's What Some Of Our Favorite Celebs Can Teach Us About Fat-Shaming

A look at how celebrities and activists have responded to fat-shaming.