Electoral College 101: Why We Have It, How It Works And How It Might Change

Though some would say it's outdated, others would argue it's invaluable.

Stakes Are High For Tuesday's Cheney/ Edwards Face-Off

Vice-presidential debate likely to highlight Cheney's experience, Edwards' energy and eloquence.

Libertarian Says He Could Change American Politics If Invited To Debate

Michael Badnarik has been campaigning hard with little to show for it.

Blogs: Media Watchdogs Or Pundits In Pajamas?

Bloggers' quick response time has changed the media landscape.

Poll Gives Kerry Big Lead Among Voters Under 30

Support for Democratic nominee is tepid, however.

Florida Supreme Court Says Ralph Nader Can Appear On Ballot

Battle just the latest in complicated nationwide struggle.

Finally, A Smoking Gun Proving Bush Shirked Military Duty ... Or Maybe Not

Uproar over authenticity of memos threatens to overwhelm their content.

Assault-Weapons Ban Expiring Without Much Of A Fight

Democrats staying clear of the issue because of election year.

Bill Clinton Gives John Kerry Advice From His Hospital Bed

Former president tells him to stop talking about Vietnam.

At RNC, Bush Says 'We Are Making Progress'; Kerry Fights Back At Late-Night Rally

President touts national security record, lays out domestic plans.

Cheney, Miller Attack Kerry On Defense, Senate Record

Vice president, Democratic senator miss no opportunity to assail Kerry.

Schwarzenegger Praises President, Lauds Nixon; Bush Twins Quote 'Hey Ya!' At Day Two Of RNC

Party shows softer side speeches on marriage, education, and health care.

RNC Protesters: The Voice Of The People, Or Pawns In The Media Game?

One widely reported scuffle can tarnish a party's image.

McCain, Giuliani Beat The War Drums At Day One Of RNC

Giuliani: 'Thank God George Bush is our president.'

In NYC For The RNC? What To Expect Inside And Outside MSG

Highlights of the scheduled speakers and the planned protests.

What Are Stem Cells And Why Are They An Election-Year Issue?

Cultivation of stem cells has potential to lead to medical breakthroughs.

Flub Factor: Can A Verbal Misstep Or A Bad Photo Sink A Candidate?

A would-be president should think carefully before he tries on a space suit.

Democratic Star Barack Obama Now Has A Challenger

Conservative commentator Alan Keyes to compete for Illinois Senate seat.

What Are Swing States — And Why Are They Getting So Much Love From The Candidates?

Candidates devote much more time to states that are undecided than those already in their camp.

Changing Of The Guard In Supreme Court Will Affect Country For Decades

Next president may replace half of court's judges.

Is A Kerry/ McCain Ticket As Crazy As It Seems?

Democratic-Republican ticket breaks every rule in presidential politics — but so what?

Why Googling 'Waffles' Gets You John Kerry's Web Site

Not as difficult as you would think to 'Google bomb.'

Ralph Nader Faces Uphill Battle Before His Uphill Battle

Long-shot presidential bid hampered by ballot laws.

Rising Gas Prices: The X Factor In This Year's Election?

Costly petroleum could lead to hardship for many Americans.