Ponytail Go From Art-School Project To Indie Sensation

Baltimore foursome set to appear on 'MTV Detox' on Tuesday night.

King Khan Finally Brings His Head-Spinning Live Show (And Personality) Stateside

Talking punk rock, wine coolers, crawfish and button-pushing with the Indian/Canadian/German king of psychedelic soul.

Black Lips Talk About Touring With Raconteurs -- And What They're Not Allowed To Do Onstage

Atlanta band discusses movie debut, strippers, fan hotline and possible Iraq show.

Jonas Brothers Weigh In On 'American Idol' David Vs. David Finale: 'I'm Torn. I Have To See 'Em Perform'

Brothers, who will perform on 'Idol' Wednesday night, also have summer tour, new album and 'secret' video lined up.

Madonna, Justin Timberlake Talk About 'Hotbox' NYC Show: 'I Think She Killed It,' Justin Says -- MTV News Exclusive!

John Norris gets an exclusive sitdown with the dynamic duo after club show.

Britain's Kooks Hope To Konker The 'Star-Spangled Ceiling' With Second LP

Frontman says, 'I think we can do well,' despite difficulty many British pop artists have achieving Stateside success.

Deerhunter's Bradford Cox Talks Atlas Sound, His Own Mortality -- But Not 'Where The Wild Things Are' Soundtrack

Monstrously prolific indie-rock icon wants to create 'as much music as I can — to be remembered'

Kooks Comment On Ex-Bassist: 'I Don't Think He Could Have Physically' Handled Touring

Bandmember stops short of addressing drug rumors, but says Max Rafferty is 'going through a lot in his life.'

Bill Clinton Wants You To Tackle The Planet's Most Pressing Problems

Former president talks to MTV News about CGI U, a college-oriented offshoot of his Clinton Global Initiative.

Bill Clinton Talks With MTV News About Hillary's Hopes, Says He's Confident Things Will Turn Around

Former president says online fundraising will help wife bounce back; he's also ready to roll out Clinton Global Initiative college program.

Brad Pitt Rebuilds New Orleans, Bringing Hot-Pink Houses To The Lower Ninth Ward

MTV News recently caught up with the actor, whose Make It Right organization is building environmentally sustainable homes in the Katrina-ravaged neighborhood.

'Spring Awakening' Star John Gallagher Rocks Up Folk Music With Old Springs Pike

John Norris talks with — and raves about — Gallagher's unusual 'shock acoustic' quartet.

Rock's Voices Of Protest Finally Wake Up — And It's About Time, By John Norris

Politically charged releases from Arcade Fire, Nine Inch Nails, Bright Eyes, others finally unleash voices of dissent.

'Spring Awakening' Has A New Spring In Its Step — 11 Tony Award Nominations

And here's why John Norris thinks the Broadway musical deserves the award for Best Musical.

Touched And Inspired By VT's Hokie Nation: John Norris Reports

'For a lot of people at VT this week covering this story, there was a moment that it hit you,' Norris explains.

My Chemical Romance Bring The Black Parade To Life: John Norris Reports

With theatrics, explosions and just a little bit o' pyro, MCR kick off tour in New Hampshire.

Audioslave's Havana Affair: John Norris Reports From Cuba

John Norris explores the Cuban capital with culture-crossing rock band.

Janet Jackson Cancels Tour Opener

Missing stage segment forces singer to postpone Vancouver, British Columbia, show until Monday.

Janet Jackson Tour Set To Launch (Almost)

Jackson rehearsing with 10 dancers in Vancouver for Thursday opener.

Hanson Finds "Time" To Open Doors For New Fans

Dr. Dre Eschews Samples On "2001"

Marilyn Manson To Probe Celebrity And Suffering In New Film, Next Album

Will Smith Aims To Make His Shots Count With "Willennium"

Spike Jonze Shoots Ice Cube For "Intimate" Mini-Documentary