A.M. Surf Report: R. Kelly Says He's The New Marvin; 'Halo 3' Sets A Date; Diaz And Kutcher Hook Up In Vegas

Plus Lindsay Lohan's mom rats her out; Smashing Pumpkins flood the Statue of Liberty, Christina Aguilera clears China's censors & more.

A.M. Surf Report: Britney Hits The Road, Lindsay Stirs Up Predictable 'Hot' List; Paris Is Too 'Distraught' For Court

Plus Dracula's back, 'Spider-Man 3' dips lower, Peter Jackson teams up with Spielberg and more.

A.M. Surf Report: Lindsay Lohan Hit By Paparazzo; Whitney & Bobby's Battle Continues; Society Mom Spanks Paris Hilton

Plus Black Eyed Peas' Taboo escapes jail; Billy Corgan joins the Scorpions; Bob Geldof blasts Live Earth.

A.M. Surf Report: Britney's Buzzcut Wins Raves; Lindsay's Director Tries 'Tough Love' Tactic; 'Idol' Seeks 'American Band'

Plus: Jermaine Dupri blames exhaust for traffic stop; Hulk gets an enemy; Amy Lee wedding bells and more.

A.M. Surf Report: Schwarzenegger Considers Paris Pardon; Smashing Pumpkins Fans Go Too Far

Plus: Kelly Clarkson fights to be heard; White Stripes answer 'last album?' question; Jadakiss' charity game is shut down.

A.M. Surf Report: Paris Fans Urged To 'Sihn' Petition; Nick Cannon Takes Himself Off The Market; 'Pirates' Getting An Early Release

Plus: 'Spider-Man' is even bigger than estimated; Kelly Clarkson climbs search chart; Russell Simmons picks a presidential underdog.

A.M. Surf Report: Lindsay Says Drug Photos Are Fake; Paris Calls Her Sentence 'Cruel'; Akon Loses Phone Contract

Plus: 'Saw' creators debuting new film online; DreamWorks picks Peter Jackson's 'Bones'; Pete Doherty arrested again.

A.M. Surf Report: Jessica Simpson Joining The Marines; 'Hulk' Gets His Girl; Paper Breaks Down Busta's SUV

Plus Twista blasts Bush's veto; Eve faces DUI charge; Maroon 5 break chart record and more.

A.M. Surf Report: Britney Choreography Riles Blogger; Justin Brings Concert To Cable; 'Idol' Singer's Neck Tops Web Searches

Plus: Ludacris keeps it clean for SunFest; 'Spider-Man 3' busts more box-office records and more.

A.M. Surf Report: 'Spider-Man 3' Smashes Records; Britney Stages A Comeback; Canada Puts Snoop On A Short Leash

Plus 'Idol' raises big bucks; 'Chicken Little' raps with Paris; Frank Miller returns to the movies and more.

A.M. Surf Report: Big Boi Joins The Ballet; Britney May Bail On Secret Shows; 'Idol' Blake Is The New Sanjaya

Plus Green Day's charity single is up; T-Pain fights to stay onstage; Peter Jackson rolls out 'Bones' and more.

A.M. Surf Report: Britney Gets Off With A Warning; Lindsay's Accused Of Stealing; 'Idol' Finalist Is Busted

Plus Young Buck party turns violent; Simon Cowell torments Paula Abdul; Korn leak new music.

A.M. Surf Report: Britney's Got A Big Secret; 'Idol' Elbows Gwen And Pink; Snoop Still Loves Australia

Plus 'Magneto' movie moves ahead; 'Iron Man' gets fired up; My Chemical Romance director tries comedy.

A.M. Surf Report: Snoop Banned In Australia; Eve Arrested For DUI; Sanjaya Family Secret Dug Up

Plus Suge Knight is on Team Britney; White Stripes conquering Canada; Queen Latifah joins body-snatching comedy.

A.M. Surf Report: Eminem Eyes A New Career; LL Heads To Broadway; De Niro Has Bowie Beef

Plus MySpace launches political reality show; Spinal Tap reunite; George Lucas spoofs 'Star Wars.'

A.M. Surf Report: Pete Wentz Opening 'Ninja' Club; Buck Sticks With G-Unit; Moakler Pranks Paris

Plus: Wu-Tang vault is still thrilling; Shia gets 'jacked' to compete with Indy; 'Spider-Man 3' is already smoking '2.'

A.M. Surf Report: Sanjaya Parties With Karl Rove; U2 Give Up Guitars; 'Spider-Man' Chokes Producer

Plus: 'Idol' hopeful Phil Stacey is now the 'worst'; Sienna Miller replaces Lindsay; 'Ugly Betty' star puts 'Traveling Pants' back on.

A.M. Surf Report: Britney And Dad Battle In Gossip Column; Cam'ron Used To Call The Cops; Sanjaya Goes To Washington

Plus: Justin and Beyoncé make 'Sexy' list; 'Saw' filmmakers line up new movie; Clooney and Pitt team up for 'Burn.'

A.M. Surf Report: Lindsay Rehab Comments Run Wild; 50 Causes Court 'Commotion'; Fishburne Takes 'Fantastic' Role

Plus Avril tipped to lead next week's albums chart; season-five 'Idol' finalists Bucky, Elliott make good.

A.M. Surf Report: Bono Teaches Spidey To Sing; Fergie Takes On 'Barracuda'

Bono, the Edge writing 'Spider-Man' musical; Fergie, Antonio Banderas sing for 'Shrek.'

A.M. Surf Report: 'Idol' Hopefuls Can't Get A Break; J. Lo Denies Drug Report; Dunst Says Spidey Is Done

Contestants put in a seven-day workweek; Lopez, Marc Anthony suing Enquirer; Dunst says there's no "4" without Sam Raimi.

A.M. Surf Report: Sanjaya's A Presidential Concern; 'Hulk' Chooses A Bruce; Harry Potter's Wild Ride

Hillary Clinton tackles 'Idol' issue; Edward Norton joins 'Hulk' film; Potter theme park in the works.

A.M. Surf Report: 50 Safe From Suit; Green Day Hammer New Orleans; Harry Potter Does It Again

50 Cent concertgoer sues venue, promoter, not rapper; Billie Joe's a builder; 'Deathly Hallows' breaks another record.

A.M. Surf Report: Justin's In With Britney & Madonna; Fergie Feeds Alanis; DMX Is A Wanted Man

Timberlake keeps in touch with Britney, works with Madonna; Fergie sends Alanis a butt cake; DMX skips court, earns arrest warrant.