Sugar Ray Coasts Low-Riding Groove For "Every Morning"

Sugar Ray Talks About Shaking "One-Hit Wonder" Tag, Maps Out February Tour

Hundreds Show Up To Meet Sugar Ray

Four-hour in-store appearance Tuesday wrapped up two-day promotional whirl.

Sugar Ray Cautiously Optimistic About New Album

Despite previous hits, pop-rock quintet unsure of fan reaction to refined sound, more mature lyrics of 14:59.

Sugar Ray, Everlast To Tour Together

Co-headlining tour to start Feb. 5 in Las Vegas, with possible warm-up date in Los Angeles.

Sugar Ray Takes Spin In Roller Rink For New Video

Sugar Ray Beat One-Hit-Wonder Jinx With New Single

'Every Morning' from Southern California pop-rockers has radio buzzing, boding well for upcoming 14:59 album.

Universal Music Confirms 'Thinning Of The Rosters'

But precise numbers were not revealed as UMG and PolyGram announce merger.

Sugar Ray LP Due In January

Sugar Ray, Cheryl Wheeler, DJ Qbert, Lone Justice, Silverchair, David Helfgott, Breeders, Luscious Jackson...

Sugar Ray Monitors Fame Clock With New Album

KRS-One Land Executive Position At Label, Records With Sugar Ray

Sugar Ray Push Next LP Back For More Recording

Follow-up to successful sophomore effort, Floored, now expected in January.

Sugar Ray Cover Steve Miller

Sugar Ray Re-Teams With Familiar Faces, Sound For New Record

Can Sugar Ray Avoid Becoming A One-Hit Wonder Act?

Sugar Ray Sweeten New LP With Melodic Pop

The ska-pop quintet is looking to prove that its one big hit was no fluke.

Sugar Ray's McGrath Gets "Cosmopolitan" Coverage

Sugar Ray, Civ And Big Wreck To Play Computer Games

Sugar Ray To Team With Goldfinger, Save Ferris For U.S. Tour

Sugar Ray Drops Out Of Festival After McGrath Injury

Sugar Ray, Smash Mouth Pulled "Under The Covers"

Sugar Ray Brings Netizens Along On Tour

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Sugar Ray Vs. Smash Mouth: And The Winner Is...