How Vine Changed Music

The video app transformed black youth culture in six seconds or less

Bobby Shmurda Accepts 7-Year Sentence In Plea Deal

Bobby Shmurda has accepted a 7-year prison sentence in a plea deal after spending 20 months in jail.

The Night Of Bobby Shmurda's Arrest, As Told By Someone Who Was There

Sha Money reflects on the night Bobby Shmurda was arrested.

Bobby Shmurda's Trial Start Date Got Pushed -- Again

Bobby Shmurda's trial won't start until September, after it was initially scheduled to start this week.

Bobby Shmurda Was Denied A Reduction In Bail For The Seventh Time

Bobby Shmurda's bail was denied for a seventh time.

Leonardo DiCaprio And Tom Hardy Say A Bobby Shmurda Line Was Cut From ‘The Revenant’

A Bobby Shmurda lyric was apparently cut from "The Revenant."

Bobby Shmurda's Legal Problems Just Got Way Worse

Bobby Shmurda pleaded not guilty to the charges he was hit with after a friend was accused of smuggling a homemade knife into jail for him.

50 Cent Can't Believe Bobby Shmurda Hasn't Been Bailed Out Yet

50 Cent is surprised that Bobby Shmurda hasn't been bailed out of jail yet.

Bobby Shmurda Gets Another New Trial Date And A Recommended Sentence

After a hearing on Thursday, Bobby Shmurda will be heading to trial on October 5.

Bobby Shmurda Now Has An Official Trial Start Date

Bobby Shmurda will reportedly begin his trial on June 25.

Bobby Shmurda Wants This Rap Star To Step In And Manage Him

Bobby Shmurda says he'd like to talk to 50 Cent about a possible management situation.

Bobby Shmurda Could Be Free Soon

Bobby Shmurda posts bail six weeks after his arrest.

Bobby Shmurda Had His First Hearing Since His Arrest

Bobby Shmurda pleaded not guilty to all charges against him for his recent arrest.

Bobby Shmurda's Dropped Gun Charge May Still Come Back To Haunt Him

The Brooklyn D.A. dropped Bobby Shmurda's 2014 gun charge, but it has been picked up by a special narcotics task force.

Bobby Shmurda Will Fight One Less Charge When He Goes To Trial

A gun charge against Bobby Shmurda has reportedly been dropped.

Bobby Shmurda Is Still In Jail, But 'All About The Shmoney' On This New Track

Bobby Shmurda and Rowdy rebel drop a new song, "She All About the Shmoney."

Bobby Shmurda Held On $2 Million Bail, Facing Conspiracy And Weapons Charges

Bobby Shmurda is being held on $2 million bail after being arrested on drug and narcotics charges in connection with GS9 gang.

Bobby Shmurda Reportedly Arrested In New York With Weapons

Bobby Shmurda and members of his GS9 crew were reportedly arrested with weapons in NYC on Wednesday morning.

Watch Rihanna, Justin Bieber And Basically Everyone Do The Best Dance Of 2014

Bobby Shmurda set of 2014's biggest dance craze with his Shmoney Dance.

'Bob The Builder' Set To Bobby Shmurda's 'Bobby Bitch' Is As Good As You Hoped

This mash up of "Bob the Builder" and Bobby Shmurda is ridiculous and great.

Bobby Shmurda Doesn't Shmoney Dance In His New Video Because He's Running For His Life

Bobby Shmurda brings out the big guns in his new 'Bobby Bitch' video.

Listen To Bobby Shmurda's Shmurda She Wrote EP Right Now

Bobby Shmurda and MTV have an exclusive first listen for the Brooklyn MC's new EP.

Need To Know: Iggy Azalea Loves The Container Store

Iggy Azalea loves the Container Store, 'Laverne Cox Presents: The T Word premiere and everything that you #NeedToKnow.

Don't Worry, Bobby Shmurda's Momager Is Handling Her Son's Shmoney Problems

Bobby Shmurda's mother/manager clarifies the rapper's rant about not getting paid.