National Adoption Awareness Month

Here’s What It’s Like To Be The Sibling Of An Adoptee

"I was six at the time and everything is a blur, but I’ll never forget watching my father come off the plane carrying a gigantic bundle of blue blankets."

I Thought Hearing From My Birth Mother Would Be Magical -- And Then It Wasn't

You can Google "what to say, birth parent, first time, email" but let me save you the trouble -- you're not going to find any useful advice.

What It's Like To Be A Different Race Than Your Parents

"I look at races as if they don't matter -- much like my parents look at me like their real son and I look at them as my real parents."

I'm An Interracial Adoptee -- And My Identity Is None Of Your Business

'When people hear my full name, they expect to meet an Irish boy. Instead they meet a Korean girl.\r Welcome to interracial adoptee life.'

An Open Letter To The Family I Will Never Know

'I’m not looking for guilt or a place at your Christmas dinner, but merely to say I’m human.'

I'm Adopted And This Is The One Thing I Wish People Would Stop Saying

'My real parents are the parents who raised me -- the ones who did more than just create me.'