MTV Movie Awards: 1995 Highlights

Courteney Cox and Jon Lovitz preside over the '95 awards, a big night for 'Pulp Fiction' and 'Interview With The Vampire' and 'Speed.'


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Everyman Jon Lovitz and Friends Courteney Cox co-host the show, opening with a song.

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Courteney Cox takes a drum solo during her opening number with Movie Awards co-host Jon Lovitz.

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Long before she was a high-flying superstar, a very young Kirsten Dunst wins Best Breakthrough Performance for Interview With The Vampire.

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The Ramones punk up a medley of all the nominated songs for Best Song From A Movie. THE RAMONES! Insane.

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Sandra Bullock wins three buckets of Golden Popcorn for her performance in Speed: Best Female Performance, Most Desirable Female and Best On-Screen Duo with Keanu Reeves.

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Robert Downey Jr. presents Ace Ventura II: When Nature Calls star Jim Carrey with one of his two buckets of Golden Popcorn. One for Best Male Performance, another for Best Comedic Performance.

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Hey co-hosts Courteney Cox and Jon Lovitz, why don't you take a picture? It'll last longer! Oh wait...

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Pulp Fiction director and instant superstar Quentin Tarantino accepts a bucket of Golden Popcorn for Pulp Fiction (Best Movie) with producer Lawrence Bender.

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