Try as the might, alt-rockers, country crooners, rap royalty and boy bands just have nothing on Madonna, who owns the 1998 VMAs with six wins from 11 nominations.


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09.10.98, Los Angeles: Fresh off the runaway success of There's Something About Mary, Ben Stiller takes on hosting duties for the 1998 MTV Video Music Awards.

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09.10.98, Los Angeles: Divas Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston seem to have shared a stylist as they appear in matching gowns.

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09.10.98, Los Angeles: Madonna performs "Ray of Light" in traditional Indian attire.

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09.10.98, Los Angeles: Lenny Kravitz and a blue-haired Gwen Stefani rock the stage.

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09.10.98, Los Angeles: Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys delivers a politically-driven speech as the Beastie Boys are honored with the Video Vanguard award.

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09.10.98, Los Angeles: Busta Rhymes introduces his hard-to-miss mariachi entourage, the Flipmode Squad.

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09.10.98, Los Angeles: Nominated in 11 categories for Ray Of Light, Madonna takes home a whopping six Moonmen at the VMAs this year.

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09.10.98, Los Angeles: The Brian Setzer Orchestra bring the night's festivities to a jumping, jiving, wailing finish.

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