Celebrity Beef At The Movie & TV Awards


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Awkwardness ensues as actress Aubrey Plaza tries to snatch funnyman Will Ferrell's Golden Popcorn while stage-crashing his 2013 acceptance speech for Comedic Genius.

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Not even the excitement of the 2014 Movie Awards red carpet could cheer up Grumpy Cat. Then again, she wouldn't be the world's grumpiest cat if she didn't always sport a scowl!

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2013 host Rebel Wilson takes a jab at Megan Fox when she sits on an "authentic" Hollywood casting couch. With a little bit of sniffing, Rebel implies Megan may have spent some quality time there.

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Inspired by the award for Best Fight, presenters Michael Fassbender and Charlize Theron play rough on stage at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards.

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Host Russell Brand stirs the proverbial pot by inciting the 2012 Movie Awards audience to scream louder for either 'The Hunger Games' or 'Twilight.'


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Sarah Silverman picks on Paris Hilton days before the heiress is required to carry out her 2007 sentence in an LA County jail.

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Chris Brown interrupts host Mike Myers with a challenge to an on-stage dance battle at the 2008 Awards.

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After winning the Golden Popcorn for Best Fight in 2003, the Jedi Master offers a fair warning to the orchestra: "Play off Yoda, no one does." Tell 'em, Yoda.

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Team Jacob or Team Edward? Fans may be at odds, but in 2011 Taylor and Robert show there isn't any romantic rivalry between them with a big smooch.

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Seann William Scott shocks his 2003 co-host Justin Timberlake with this awkward exposé.

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His "bum is on your lips," Slim Shady. Brüno lands on Eminem's face on his way to present the award for Best Male Performance in 2009.

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Converse-clad Rainn Wilson stuns Megan Fox with a delicately placed bouquet as they present the award for Best Kiss in 2008.

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Jon Lovitz serves Jenny McCarthy a handful of Jenny McCarthy as they present the award for Best Female Performance at the 1996 MTV Movie Awards.

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Lindsay Lohan and Diddy struggle over who will open the Best Breakthrough Performance envelope at the 2008 awards. Looks like Diddy won this time.

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Christina almost threw down with the stage on her way to present the award for Breakthrough Female in 2004.

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