Exes Reunited: Did Kelsey Hook Up With Garrett On Siesta Key?

She claims she just 'slept on his couch.' Hmm...

Note to Garrett and Kelsey: If you're gonna go creeping around in Siesta Key, you best hide your Snapchat tracks.

Last we saw, the former Sarasota lovahs were seen exchanging sweet somethings on the beach, hinting at a potential Kelsett reunion. Mind you, their sandy socializing came right after a major falling out involving two entirely separate make-out sessions: Kelsey's not-so-discreet smooch with Alex and Garrett's very public tonsil-hockey match with Juliette.

Fast forward to tonight's winter premiere: The pair had a heated heart-to-heart at Carson's birthday bash. (Yes, the same Carson that Kelsey was supposedly "not flirting" with moments earlier.) The issue(s)? Garrett was clearly still bitter over the model's rendezvous with Alex, while Kels simply wasn't having her ex's new relationship with Jules.

"I hope you realize this girl's using you," Kelsey told G. "You're still the dumbass. She's f*cking using you! We're in the past at this point." Garrett then offered to give K a ride home, which actually meant his own house.

The morning after, Kelsey told Madisson she spent the night with her ex, noting that "nothing happened." (Hmm, "nothing happened" in the same way "nothing happened" with Alex?) When she later showed up (uninvited, btw) to Juliette's gold party, all hell broke loose in the tiny coastal town.

Why? Because super sleuth Chloe spotted Kelsey's not-so-stealth location on Snapchat while attempting to stalk her missing roommate at 7 in the morning.

"I'm not trying to hide anything," Kelsey said when Chloe confronted her social media faux pas. "We went to his house. I'm not gonna lie, like, I just passed out. Nothing happened."

After the girls agreed that Juliette needed to know about the secret sleepover STAT, Kelsey quickly warned Garrett, and Chloe approached Jules. (Hey, we said mimosas were about to hit the fan.)

Upon hearing the shady news, the FSU bombshell -- who's never been shy about confrontation -- didn't hesitate to rip the duo a new one with an epic, expletive-laced rant.

"You didn't hook up? She just stayed at your house until 7 in the morning," Juliette said, echoing our own thoughts. "What, you just slept next to each other? She just slept on your couch, and you slept in your bed? You're so full of sh*t."

While it's possible that Kelsey and Garrett did nothing more than reminisce and have a pillow fight, their evening tryst does seem a little fishy. Your thoughts? Sound off, and catch more Siesta Key drama Monday at 10/9c.