What Really Happened Between Alex And Kelsey On Siesta Key?

Brandon says he saw them walk up to the Sarasota king's bedroom. Yes, really

The truth always comes out on Siesta Key. (Just ask Amanda.)

Tonight's episode picked up right where we left off from last week's installment -- at Alex's Great Gatsby gala. Garrett may have departed early to nurse his emotional wounds, but the party was just getting started for Kelsey. Rather than mend things with her boyfriend, the Midwestern model opted to soothe her relationship woes by going for a late-night swim with a newly untethered Alex. Kelsey and the self-proclaimed Sarasota island king later walked inside to dry off — and that's the last we saw of them following the grand affair.

Until the next day at the beach, that is. Though Kelsey arrived with Garrett, it was clear a little sexual tension was undercutting her conversation with Alex.

Alex's interest in the new girl -- whether she has a boyfriend or not -- has been evident since her early days in Florida. But if opinions from his elders mean anything, the significant other thing is irrelevant. When Alex said, "I like her, and I feel like she likes me, but she's got a boyfriend," Grandpa Kompothecras replied, "He's not a friend of yours? And the girl likes you? Go ahead."

While Alex maintained they merely "had a couple of drinks," Kelsey confessed to Garrett that she did indeed flirt with the eldest Kompo. That admission did not sit well with the personal trainer, who said: "A real girlfriend would not flirt with another guy. We're in a relationship. I don't think that's allowed." Cue Garrett calling break status and basically telling Kels she needs to get her sh*t together.

Kelsey didn't waste any time cozying up to Alex on the wakeboard the very next day, at which point Brandon told the others that he saw the two walk up to Alex's bedroom following the party.

Juliette's reaction? "Kelsey's the new victim now."

So what do you think happened that night? Something tells us we'll find out more next week — so make sure to tune in Monday at 10/9c.