Season Wrap-Up: How The Siesta Key Casties Ended Their Summer

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Our girl Chloe wasn't kidding when she said summer in Siesta Key is like no other.

Between broken friendships and broken hearts, there was enough drama that would make Kristin Cavallari proud.

So how did the sunny season wrap for our favorite Floridians? As for Chloe, the sassy-yet-mature blonde sought therapy for any perceived anger issues and moved out of her mom's house. When she found herself the butt of one too many very unfunny body-shaming jokes, she stood her ground, telling Pauly, "Part of working on myself is removing toxic people from my life." Bravo, C! (And P.S. we think you're beautiful.)

Juliette, on the other hand, found herself quickly falling for Garrett, as in, Kelsey's ex Garrett. But did she truly like the personal trainer, or was she just after his amazing abs trying to get back at Alex? No matter, Garrett put out that fire just as quickly as it started: "I feel like I kind of need time and space, especially coming out of a relationship," he told the gorgeous FSU student.

Garrett then immediately turned around and had a heart-to-heart with the newly single Kelsey, during which the two swept their relationship troubles under the sand, professed their love to one another and appeared to consider giving it another shot. (Even after all this.)

As for the self-proclaimed King of Siesta Key? When his summer fling with Kelsey came to an end ("I'm not trying to, like, date you," he told the Midwestern model. "I think we're better off just being friends for now"), Alex presented Madisson with a pseudo marriage proposal, sweetly dubbing her wifey (and motherhood) material.

"You seem to hit all the categories that I'm looking for," Alex told his high-school sweetheart. "I'd like to spend the rest of my life with you." Madisson, who was not only happily dating Brandon but had had her heart broken by Alex too many times, politely declined. The summer definitely didn't end on a high note for the big A, who wound up badly (and mysteriously) injured two months later.

There are definitely some unanswered questions, so tell us: What would you like to see in store for the Siesta Key crew? Stay tuned to MTV News for when the series will return, take our "Which Siesta Key character are you?" quiz below and share your results in the comments!