The Siesta Key Smooch That Shocked Absolutely No One

Except maybe Madisson

Raise your hand if you saw that one coming.

In perhaps the least shocking development on Siesta Key, tonight's perfectly timed kiss between Alex and Kelsey definitely turned up the temperature in paradise a degree or two. Their not-so-discreet smooch was maybe a surprise to Madisson (the only one to back up Kelsey's "just friends" story following the Great Gatsby gala), who exclaimed, "Oh, my God!" when she spotted the two making out in her mom's pool.

While Kelsey maintains nothing happened with Alex after the gala, Juliette, Chloe and Amanda — who said she saw the two in the buff — are skeptical. After all, Alex has been into the new girl since she got to town, and Kelsey has certainly done her fair share of flirting. But whether this is their first kiss or their fifth, Kelsey and Kompo seem ready and rarin' to make their rendezvous public.

Hey, the timing couldn't be better, right? Juliette and Alex had just called their on-again-off-again romance officially off for the upteenth time, which was not an easy feat for Jules.

As for Kelsey and Garrett, those two are pretty much last year's news. As the Midwestern model told Alex, "We're kinda just doing our own thing, and if we see each other, we see each other."

The question is, will these two last, or will Kelsey just wind up on Alex's long list of ex-girlfriends? Sound off with your thoughts, and catch an all-new episode next Monday at 10/9c.