Siesta Key Secrets: Should Amanda Have Come Clean About Her Hookup With Alex?

Honesty may not always be the best policy

Call us crazy, but don't fresh starts generally require full disclosure?

After the friend-tervention — with self-proclaimed mediator Juliette — on tonight's episode of Siesta Key, we thought Chloe and Amanda would have no problem resolving their issues. The feisty bartender's bruises had faded, and she felt comfortable enough to work on combating some of her anger issues via therapy. Amanda made it clear that Chloe's volatile behavior needed to change if their friendship had any chance of survival. Both parties apologized — Chloe for calling Amanda a "f*cking b*tch" and Amanda for clocking Chloe in the face — and Juliette wrapped it all up and tied it with a bow: "Your friendship isn't going to go right back to what it was, but now that you've had this conversation, we can all hang out in group settings again." The friends then proceeded to hug it out.

Then Pauly dropped a bomb when talking to Chloe: "I thought you would have been mad about Alex and Amanda... about their little hookup."

WHAAAT?!? We didn't see that coming... and neither did Chloe, apparently. Alex has been busy juggling Juliette and Madisson (with a small side of Kelsey), while Amanda has been getting cozy with Brandon. Though we don't know when this alleged Alex-Amanda hookup occurred, we do know one thing: Sand is about to hit the fan in Siesta Key.

Should Amanda have been honest with Chloe, or was she smart to keep her hookup with Alex on the low? Comment with your thoughts, and find out what happens next Monday at 10/9c.