Siesta Key Issues: Are Garrett And Kelsey On Shaky Ground?

One thing's certain: They're definitely on two (very) different pages

Sometimes, things aren't what they seem.

One example: Jet-setting Midwestern model Kelsey and her personal trainer/hunk boyfriend Garrett appeared to have the only solid relationship on MTV's new Siesta Key (sorry, Romeo Alex and Juliette), but this week's episode is proving otherwise.

For one, Garrett gave Kels 365 handwritten love notes for their six-month anniversary (in unison, "Awwwww!"), while the latter gifted her beau with a bag of nuts. We can certainly appreciate a corny joke ("I'm nuts about you," she says), but these two are clearly on different pages. Let's face it: Garrett's version of letting loose involves eating a few slices of cheese on the beach, while Kelsey prefers going to restaurants, working her summer bartending gig and mingling with the locals. Okay, one local in particular:

While Alex is busy dating Juliette and strolling down memory lane with his ex Madisson, he seems to have no problem making time for the smoking-hot new girl. That said, if Garrett truly thinks Kelsey could be The One, he might have to work a little bit harder to keep her around.

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