Cast Your Ballot: Which Siesta Key Hookup Shocked You The Most?

Alex and Amanda? Really?

Falling in love in Siesta Key comes easy, but making the romance last can be a challenge.

The result? Lots of hookups and more couples than you can count on one hand -- all within a group of seven people. It's no secret that Alex had his fair share of ladies in Siesta (Madisson, Juliette, Kelsey, Amanda... just to name a few), while others took their time navigating relationship territory. For instance, Garrett and Kelsey had a few solid months of steady dating before Alex swooped in on the model. And Brandon and Madisson appeared to have a serious connection, if B's homemade "Madisson" playlist was any indication.

While some were definitely shocking (Alex and Amanda kind of threw us for a loop), we could have seen others coming from Miami (over 200 miles away).

With the return of Siesta Key right around the corner (check out a preview above), tell us -- which pairing surprised you the most? Vote up or down below, and stay tuned with MTV News for more Siesta Key!