Siesta Key Charmer: Can Brandon Win Over Madisson?

The musician laid it on thick when he saw Alex's high school sweetheart in that gown

And...on to the next! For Siesta Key's Brandon, that is.

Tonight's episode of the sexy Sarasota docu-series showcased the budding musician swiftly moving from one female to another within the span of 48 hours.

Let's recap: After Alex and Amanda's secret hookup came to light, Brandon went straight to the source -- Amanda. After assuring Brandon that her tryst with Alex was a one-time fling, the unapologetic blonde immediately dropped the F-bomb:

"I'm sorry if I gave you a different impression," Amanda told Brandon, avoiding the fact that she had totally been low-key flirting with the kid. "I think we click, just not on that level right now. I love hanging out with you, and hopefully we can still be friends."

Ouch. Cue Brandon's broken heart...

...until Madisson entered the picture (and Alex's Gatsby-themed fundraiser) wearing a form-fitting sparkly gown.

The curly-haired heartthrob wasted no time swooping in on Alex's high school sweetheart, paying her the ultimate compliment: "I love this dress," he stated. "It's visually rewarding."

We can always count on Kelsey to keep it real, quickly criticizing B's game and calling it "creepy." (Can't fault a guy for trying!) Brandon then switched tactics: "I haven't seen you in a long time," he stated, forgetting that he just saw Madisson at his bonfire. "I've gotta see you more. When can I take you out sometime?" Way to cut to the chase, B.

While Brandon may claim to have "no hard feelings" over Alex's hookup with Amanda, something tells us that the eldest Kompo may not be quite as cool with his friend making a move on his ex.

What do you think -- does Bradisson stand a shot at love? Sound off in the comments, and tune in to Siesta Key every Monday at 10/9c.