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25 Artists You Totally Forgot Justin Bieber Collabed With

Do you remember these old JB jams?

Justin Bieber's Purpose, out Nov. 13, has new songs featuring Halsey, Travis Scott, Skrillex, Big Sean, and Nas -- you know, NBD.

Justin can barely remain chill about the rad collabs and we cannot wait to hear them.

Even though the new, highly-anticipated album has some insane features, we can't forget about the epic duets/collaborations of Justin's past.

Take a trip down memory lane, from the purple sweatshirt era to his experimental Journals days, and reminisce on Justin's old collabs and features:

  1. Country faves Rascal Flatts joined JB on "That Should Be Me."

  2. ~ shawty is a eenie meenie miney mo lova ~

  3. Miley performed "Overboard" with Justin at his first show at Madison Square Garden in 2010.

  4. This collab is RICH.

  5. Justin drops some sick verses in a remix of Sage The Gemini's "Gas Pedal".

  6. Cutest. Collab. Ever.

  7. Nicki's iconic verse: "gotta keep an eye out for Selener."

  8. "Right Here" was one of the smoothest tracks on Believe, tbh.

  9. "Confident" with Chance The Rapper was featured on Journals.

  10. Busta Rhymes hops on "Drummer Boy" with JB.

  11. "She woke me up daily / don't need no Starbucks"

  12. Big Sean drops killer lines on Justin's hit "As Long As You Love Me".

  13. Justin recorded a magical Christmas tune with his fave guys in Boys II Men.

  14. Future and JB ask "What’s Hatnin’"?

  15. Justin sings on this "Beautiful" track with Carly Rae.

  16. Justin gets sultry in "PYD" -- a track with R. Kelly.

  17. "I'm an alien, my swag is outta this world," Lil Wayne raps on "Backpack"

  18. From covering Chris Brown on YouTube to being featured on a song with him... Crazy!

  19. The Band Perry is on Justin's ~amaze~ holiday album Under The Mistletoe.

  20. Justin's mentor Usher jumped on a remix of "Somebody To Love".

  21. Justin is featured on Tyga's track “Wait For A Minute”.

  22. "And I'm loving every second, minute, hour, bigger, better, stronger power"

  23. Although he's not featured in the music video, Justin's vocals kill it in "Live My Life"

  24. "Actin Up" of Asher Roth and Chris Brown.

  25. Justin worked with Cody Simpson on a bunch of tracks, including the sweet “Home To Mama”.