Justin Bieber's Journals: What You Need To Know Before Listening

MTV News breaks down what fans are in for on his latest release.

After months of teasing fans, Justin Bieber is finally ready to open up his Journals. The project was first announced back in April, and after 10 weeks of Music Mondays, the singer is bundling it all up and letting his Beliebers hear it in full when it hits iTunes Monday (December 23).

So, what are fans in for?

The Tracks

In addition to the 10 songs released from October 7 (with "Heartbreaker") to December 9 (with "Confident"), Bieber has included five new tracks, "One Life," "Backpack," "What's Hatnin'," "Swap It Out" and "Memphis."

And while the project was originally slated to come out December 16, the Biebs pushed it back a week to include another brand-new track.

The Clique

Bieber invited some friends, both new and old, to collaborate with him on the release. And, while some of them aren't too surprising — like Big Sean and Diplo on "Memphis" or Lil Wayne on "Backpack" — Bieber did expand his horizons a bit having enlisted R. Kelly on "PYD," Chance the Rapper on "Confident" and Future on "What's Hatnin'."

The Videos

Not all the clips are music videos like "All That Matters." Also included are theatrical trailer for his concert documentary "Believe" and the Guatemala Pencils Of Promise Journal Video, which highlights Bieber's philanthropic side.

While his "Confidence" video isn't slated for Journals, Bieber told us all about the clip when we caught up with him at the "Believe" premiere. "It went incredible," he said of the Collin Tilley-directed clip. "[Tilley] is super talented. There's another surprise in the video I can't really talk about it but it's exciting."

The Message

Well, Bieber did find it "a little bit" difficult to be vulnerable on the tracks, he told MTV News, " I realized my fans want to know truly what's in my heart in my heart, and I just wanted to share with them. And I wanted them to know, word for word, what I was feeling at that moment."

A Little 'Something Special'

Well, whether or not he does end up taking some time off, he did tease that there's big things on the horizon, telling MTV News, "Look out for something special coming in the New Year."

Well, we can't wait.