Sean Kingston Really Wants To Take Justin Bieber To A Strip Club

Kingston opens up to MTV News about hoping to work with his 'Eenie Meenie' pal on new music.

In good times and bad, Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston have always had each other's backs. Bieber stood by his pal's side after he was injured in a near-fatal jet-ski accident in 2011, and with Kingston back on the music scene, the two are now hoping to record some new tunes together.

"It's crazy, like we just linked back up. I haven't seen him in a long time and we just linked up [this week], so we're going to definitely work on some... he said he wanted to get into the studio," Kingston told MTV News on Tuesday, the same day he dropped his new album, Back 2 Life. "So when we get to L.A. we'll probably work it out."

During their recent hangout session, Bieber even previewed some tracks from his new album, his music journals, for his former tourmate and "Eenie Meenie" partner-in-crime. "It was sounding good, so you never know. We'll see [about working together]," he explained, before teasing what the 19-year-old has in mind for his next project, the follow-up to 2012's Believe.

"He had a big conversation about that like 'I'm gonna turn 20 now...' as a matter of fact he kept on saying he was 20 and I was like, 'Bro, you're 19 going on 20,' but, you know, [when] you're at that stage. I was at that stage too when I was 19 [I was like,] 'Yeah I'm 20.' I was telling people I was 21. So he's at that stage where he's becoming a man."

And Kingston explained that means they can now touch on much more mature topics. "He's talking about the girls now [and] I'm gonna take him to a strip club one day," he joked. "You never know. He's becoming a man, so it's dope watching him go through what I went through."

The 23-year-old singer thinks Bieber will be able to seamlessly make the transition into his twenties and put out music that keeps everyone listening for years to come.

"I feel like it depends on how you came on the scene, and I feel like he didn't come on the scene all cookie-cutter," he said. "He was an innocent, of course, young kid, but he didn't come on like a Disney guy. He came on just doing music [and], of course, he got young fans 'cause he's a young artist. But I feel like he's not classified [in one way]. I think he can move around."