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Justin Bieber Hints At Purpose Collaborations With Drake And The Weeknd

Justin hopes fans are inspired by the 'honesty' on his album.

Justin Bieber is back on top... literally.

His new album, Purpose, was available for pre-order Friday (October 16) before its official release date (November 13) and Beliebers made sure it went straight to #1 on iTunes.

As a way to say "thanks" to all of his fans, Justin jumped on Twitter for a little Q&A and revealed plenty of details about his upcoming album, which features collaborations with Nas and Ariana Grande, along with writing credits from Ed Sheeran.

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Here's what we learned.

  1. He Found Some Pretty Deep Inspiration
  2. You'll Hear His Side Of Things
  3. There Are A Lot Of Songs
  4. Justin's Hitting The Road
  5. He's Got A Few Favs
  6. He Appreciates The Support...Even From Niall!
  7. Don't Worry, He's Just Kidding!
  8. And You May Hear One Next Week
  9. He May Have Collaborated With The Weeknd
  10. And Drake
  11. Either Way, You'll Be Happy
  12. And Surprised
  13. Tears Will Be Shed