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Watch Justin Bieber Make Boyz II Men’s ‘I’ll Make Love To You’ Even Sexier

Warning: Dangerous levels of arousal ahead.

Last week, Justin Bieber proved his adoration for old school R&B when he sang a little snippet of Boyz II Men’s “End of the Road” in this hilarious carpool video for “The Late Late Show.”

Apparently, Boyz II Men must be heavy on the Biebs’ mind because he’s now gifted us with a spine-tingling, jaw-dropping rendition of one of the sexiest songs known to man: Boyz II Men’s 1994 hit “I’ll Make Love to You.”

After having “the best day of his life," Justin popped into Jazz Night at the W Hotel in Hollywood on Sunday night (May 24) to give an impromptu performance.

In a series of swoon-worthy Instagram videos, a Fedora-wearing Justin gets super sultry and jazzy as he serenades us into euphoric oblivion.

  • Here he is expertly kicking off the second verse, begging us to “relax, let’s go slow” as he grips the mic so tightly that we’re worried he might crush it into a zillion pieces.
  • Then he launches into that classic, irresistible chorus, telling us he wants to hold us all through the night. JB is ALL up in this groove and flaunting that swag, and we are eating it right up.
  • Justin says he will do us right. We believe him.
  • Finally, he reaches the song’s climax by getting so visibly emotional that we want to reach through our screen and give him a giant bear hug (the woman on the left side of the stage seems to agree). He also makes our heads spin and hearts swell with those insane vocal runs.

I think I speak for Beliebers everywhere when I say we DEMAND a studio version of this song, Justin!