Is Lori Wheedling Her Way Back Into 'Carter''s Heart?

The kidnapping mom is on her best behavior -- and her daughter is falling for it.

Not again.

Carter has come dangerously close to forgiving Lori for all her sins on "Finding Carter" -- remember the time she declared her love for the kidnapper during a visit to the mental hospital, then ooops-did-it-again in a court of law? But now, after a pair of brand-new bonding moments, the two might just be headed for family harmony. *shudder*

The road to reparation began on tonight's episode when Ben's foster sister Olivia joined her big bro (plus Carter and crew) at an overnight house concert. There, her unfortunate truth was revealed: Olivia is battling the bottle, and not successfully. Sometime during the evening, the youth succumbed to her demons and had to be brought to Lori's house; she was so sick, in fact, that Carter realized she was hooked on something other than booze.

"That was more than just a couple of drinks," she told Ben as Olivia puked her guts out in the bathroom. "How long has she had a drug problem?"

"Too long," he replied before finally explaining the reasons behind his fake ID operation and credit-card scheme. "That's why I've been doing my thing -- gathering up some extra cash to get her in rehab."

He almost didn't need the Benjamins: When Ben and Carter went to check on Liv, she wasn't breathing. Panic and chaos ensued -- until Lori arrived home and quickly took charge.

"Let's make sure her tongue's not blocking her airway," she said, before beginning CPR. And look at that -- the nutjob woman knew what she was doing: Before long, Liv jolted into consciousness.

"Good girl, you're going to be okay," Lori soothed as Carter watched in awe. "Everything's going to be fine. Keep breathing -- just keep breathing."

Once the storm calmed, Carter complimented her heroic biological mom. "You were really great in there," she told the woman who'd kidnapped her twice (sorry to spoil the mood, but we thought we'd mention that). Then the topic of conversation turned to Carter's personal life -- and her new 25-year-old beau Jared.

"Does Elizabeth know?" Lori asked.

"No," Carter replied. "She already gave me her take on dating older men, and suffice to say, she's not taking the romantic view."

Lori, however, had a different viewpoint than her nemesis Elizabeth. Of course.

"If you like him and you want him, listen to you heart and follow it," she advised.

And if Lori's valiant actions and pro-Jared stance weren't enough to butter up Carter, the Wilson twin came across a special keepsake in the kitchen: a rock she'd once decorated for Lori with the words "I love Mommy" and "Mommy loves Carter" painted in red and blue. So how much did the age-old memento pull on Carter's heartstrings?

Apparently, a whole lot: That night, when Elizabeth picked up Carter's jacket, she found the rock nestled in its pocket. As if that wasn't bad enough for poor ol' Liz (seriously, hasn't that woman suffered enough?), she later overheard Carter and Ben talking about Lori's night of heroism.

"Everyone makes Lori out to be this monster, but she's not so bad," Ben said.

"I haven't seen her like that in a really long time," Carter said. "It was good."

Aaand that sound you heard was an arrow being shot into Elizabeth's heart. Bullseye!

So tell us: Will Lori successfully wheedle her way back into Carter's heart? Do you think she has good intentions, or is the kidnapper just trying to create a barrier between Carter and Liz? Or is Lori just not that bad after all, just like Ben said? Sound off in the comments, then be sure to catch the next "FC" on Tuesday at 10/9c!