Will Lori's Latest Scheme Really Get Her Custody Of 'Carter'?

This time, the kidnapping mom may have the law on her side.

During this season of "Finding Carter," Lori terrorized the Wilson family, kidnapped Carter (again!) and even set her sights on Taylor. So when the perennial wackjob was finally apprehended -- and when Carter at last broke away from her manipulative spell -- our thought bubble looked something like this.

Unfortunately, Lori's thought bubble looked like this. And this. Oh, and this.

On tonight's "FC" summer finale, the woman of a thousand disguises (well, at least a handful) proved she's a human barnacle by unveiling her latest twisted plan: She'd seek legal custody of Carter and essentially FORCE the teen to be her daughter.

Sounds impossible, right? Well, not quite.

"Her defense attorney will try to prove that she was Carter's legal parent when she abducted her," Elizabeth explained to her shocked family. "It's the egg donation -- it's not black and white anymore."

Neither was anything else. When the court date arrived and Carter took the stand, she was first questioned by the prosecution -- aka the lawyer hoping to keep her out of Lori's clutches. And initially, the Wilson twin had all the right answers: She confirmed that the Big L had drugged and kidnapped her, all while wielding a gun. And when asked her about their connection, she replied, "She is the woman who kidnapped me." Meanwhile, Carter proclaimed Elizabeth to be her mother.

Then came questioning from the defense -- aka the lawyer fighting to help Lori (seriously, that guy must really need the paycheck). And that's when everything went to hell in a hand basket.

"She treated me as if I was the absolute center of her universe," Carter, under intense grilling, soon admitted. "She gave me confidence, read to me, was kind to me. She did absolutely everything a mother was supposed to do."

It got even worse when the lawyer brought up Carter's visit to Lori in the mental hospital -- and asked exactly what went down.

Gulping hard, Carter whispered, "I told her that there was a point at which she was my mother, that she loved me and took care of me -- that I loved her and always would."

That sound you heard? Just the attorney going in for the kill.

"Was this woman, in fact, your mother?" he asked slyly.

"Maybe," Carter replied in a shaky voice.

"Is there any part of you that still loves her?" he continued.

And despite us jumping off the couch and shouting, "Don't say yes! DON'T SAY YES!", well, Carter said yes.

"No further questions," the lawyer said confidently. Then, as if aaall that wasn't bad enough, he introduced his next witness: a handsome young mystery man who, when asked about his connection to the defendant, stated, "Lori Stevens is my biological mother." His biological father? "David Wilson."

And THAT sound you heard was us falling to the floor. Well, almost.

So there you have it: Carter crumbled on the witness stand and gave the defense team exactly what it wanted. But will her admissions of love for Lori be enough to award the kidnapper custody? Or will the jury see through Lori's scheming ways and honor Carter's wishes to stay with the Wilsons? Oh, and let's not forget this little question: Did David's one-night stand with Lori REALLY produce a son? Tell us what you think in the comments, and get ready for 12 all-new episodes of "Finding Carter" beginning in October!