'Finding Carter' Curveballs: 7 Times Our Thought Bubble Was A Giant 'WTF'

When Lori actually sounds rational, you know something's off.

Ladies and gentlemen, we've officially stepped into Bizarro World. The proof: On this week's "Finding Carter," Lori actually seemed sane.

The episode threw more than a few colossal curveballs, from the kidnapping momma sounding logical to Carter getting romantic with Max (are we going to have to start calling them Maxter now?). Here are seven moments that caused us to stare at the TV screen and think "WTF!" (and shout it a few times too):

  1. Madison reveals the REAL reason she went to see Carter.

    Okay, we'll say it: We didn't like Madison from the get-go. Two weeks ago, she barged in like a bull in a china shop and tried to drive a wedge between Carter and the Wilsons. And now we know why: Lori put her up to it. "She sent me here -- I think she's just trying to get me to lure Carter away from the Wilsons," the troublemaker told Bird, before admitting it probably wasn't the best idea to trust a kidnapping psycho. "[But now] I just feel like I might have been used." GEE, MADISON, YA THINK??

  2. Elizabeth hides her goodies...from Kyle.

    Trying on the gown she'd wear at that evening's charity fashion show, Elizabeth was horrified to realize it showed major boobage. Then when Kyle arrived unexpectedly, she quickly covered up with a sweater. But why? He already knows her intimately (*cough*) -- hell, it was that milkshake that brought him to the yard in the first place. (Hit it, Kelis!)

  3. Wow, Lori doesn't sound so delusional anymore.

    When Carter visited her kidnapper in the mental hospital, doctors told her that Lori was taking drugs to help her get a better grasp of reality. And guess what: They worked! "It's all becoming very clear," Lori told her biological daughter. "I know what I did, and now all I want is for you to go and move on with your life and try to forget that I stole 13 years of it for my own selfish reasons." Let's here it for modern medicine!

  4. Um, now Carter sounds delusional.

    So now that Lori FINALLY gets it, what does Carter do? She gives her a bunch of reasons to think that, well golly, maybe what she did wasn't so bad after all. "Everybody makes mistakes," the Wilson twin said, clearly forgetting that not everybody commits kidnappings. Even worse, she proclaimed her devotion to the criminal. "I love you, and you love me more," she cried, immediately causing us to do one of these.

  5. No, wait -- Lori's still delusional.

    At first, Carter's heartfelt speech didn't exactly melt Lori's heart. "I don't want you here -- leave me alone," she snapped at her weeping offspring. But the minute Carter left, it happened: Lori's familiar, maniacal grin spread across her face and that glimmer of cuckoo-crazy returned to her eyes. "She said she loved me!" she exclaimed to an attendant. "She said I was her mom! I knew she loved me!" Guess it's already time to adjust those meds...

  6. There's no way to put this gently: CARTER AND MAX HAVE SEX.

    Talk about breaking girl code: After her disastrous meeting with Lori, Carter took solace in Max's, umm, arms. And if that doesn't send Taylor back to the pills, we don't know what will.

  7. When self-proclaimed lesbian Madison and her newfound pal Bird left the fashion show together, Maddy admitted that she kinda-sorta wished it was a bona fide date. "Well," Bird said, "if it was a real date, we would probably kiss at the end." And they did. Then they did again. Guess the word "Birdison" has just been coined!

Which of the above do you think was truly a WTF moment? And do you think Lori has Carter back in her clutches yet again? Tell us in the comments, and be sure to catch next week's "Finding Carter" on Tuesday at 10/9c!