The Latest 'Finding Carter' Twist: Lori Is After Taylor Too

But why does Carter's abductor have her sights set on the teen's twin?

After weeks of plotting, scheming and hiding out beneath a trusty baseball cap, Lori Stevens reached her ultimate goal on the "Finding Carter" Season 1 finale: She stole back her daughter -- or, at least, the girl she'd kidnapped and raised as her own. It seemed as if it'd be enough to finally satisfy the fugitive, but in the eight-minute sneak peek of the Season 2 premiere, we learned Lori had miles to go before she'd sleep.

In the preview, Carter, who'd been drugged by Lori in the preceding episode, comes to, but even after regaining consciousness, Lori's plans remain completely unclear. In a dark hotel room, Lori insists she's got everything under control and that clarity will come, but Carter -- understandably -- isn't convinced and presses the woman she once believed was her mother for information on what the future holds.

Finally, in the clip, Lori moves to usher Carter into a sedan, but Carter demands more information on where she plans to go and why.

"We're going to get Taylor," Lori reveals with a menacing smile. And after the jarring sentiment -- that Lori plans to take Carter's twin sister too -- registers, Carter sprints away. What could Lori possibly want with Carter's sister, and why is reuniting with Carter -- which has ostensibly been Lori's sole objective -- suddenly not enough to sate her?

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