Rocky 'Carter' Romance: The Many Ups And Downs Of Elizabeth And David's Marriage

The Wilsons have certainly had their fair share of turbulence.

Ever since we met David and Elizabeth Wilson, it's been abundantly clear that the "Finding Carter" parents have had a difficult go of being totally truthful with one another -- and they've certainly had trouble taking their wedding vows seriously. And on this week's episode, the longstanding issues of Carter, Taylor and Grant's folks finally caught up with them: After E learned that D once had a liaison with Lori, the longtime lovebirds made a big announcement to their children.

"It's probably not a big shock: Your mom and I -- we've been having problems," the patriarch declared. "And in order to deal with these problems, we think it's best..."

"Your father and I are separating," Elizabeth stated.

But this is hardddllly the first time the pair decided to break up -- only to eventually make up. Take a look back at their rocky path as husband and wife, and be sure to catch a brand-new episode of "FC" on Tuesday at 10/9c!

  • First sign of trouble

    Carter's return signaled a very hopeful moment for the family, but the teen's re-entry into the fold unveiled an Elizabeth shocker: The police officer was carrying on a romance with her colleague Kyle -- aka Gabe's dad.

  • What the...why is Lori watching David?

    The author proved he wasn't exactly trustworthy by hiding an important professional venture from his brood: He was still shopping his book about Carter's return to publishers. But why did the kidnapper look positively pissed when she saw him giving his daughter a sweet embrace -- and what on Earth is D and L's connection?

  • David uses the "d" word

    The writer received a huge check for his upcoming tell-all tome and saw it as an opportunity to divorce Elizabeth because of her affair (which he caught wind of after she claimed she was working late). But he was advised by his literary agent that he shouldn't cash in until he was legally separated.

  • Date night interrupted

    With car drama in the rear-view mirror -- David bought a vehicle for the twins even though Elizabeth said they didn't have the funds -- the couple enjoyed a movie and some fresh popcorn on the couch. But the mood quickly shifted after Elizabeth dozed off in her husband's arms, and David saw Kyle's name pop up on her cellphone.

  • Moving on out

    Shortly after Grant overheard his mom and Kyle talking about their steamy relationship, the youngest Wilson spilled the beans to his sisters about E's actions. The kids banded together to confront their mother and encouraged her to tell the truth to their dad. But revealing her indiscretions came at a hefty price: David forced Elizabeth to leave their home.

  • Trying to make it work

    Elizabeth decided to put her career on hold to focus on her family -- and repair her fragile marriage. And when E walked through the front door, there was no denying the glow on D's face.

  • The photographs that changed everything

    As evidenced by a series of creepy pics obtained by Carter, Lori stalked the carefree Wilsons for years. And that shirtless pic of D in bed signaled something extra fishy...but what the heck was the reason behind it?

  • Secrets, secrets are no fun...

    Lori (aka the Wilsons' egg donor) had some pretty damning words for Elizabeth after getting nailed for her second kidnapping of Carter: "I am not the only one to blame here. David did a number on both of us. Go ahead, ask him. I dare you." And when Elizabeth approached her partner about L's claims -- while they were cuddling in bed, no less -- David said nothing. The suspense!

  • Elizabeth learns the whole truth and nothing but the truth

    Carter encouraged David -- who fessed up to his girl that he had a one-night stand with Lori when he and Elizabeth were going through "a tough time" -- to come clean to Elizabeth about his hookup. But the kidnapper beat him to it: During her confession to the FBI, she revealed their tryst and even claimed that he planned to leave his wife for her -- while Elizabeth watched the entire speech behind a two-way mirror. When David stormed the station to finally address his past behavior, a heartbroken Elizabeth just stared at her hubby and shook her head in disappointment.