7 Times We Said 'Ruh Roh!' During This Week's 'Finding Carter'

Excuse us while we channel our inner Scooby Doo.

Damn that bad-boy syndrome.

Just last week, "Finding Carter"'s Ben and his wayward ways were luring us into our usual, self-defeating relationship pattern -- but after tonight's episode, we may just start crushing on good guys (forgive us, Max -- we'll never stray again). The reason: While Carter and her crew were off hosting a guerilla rave at an abandoned car dealership, Ben snuck into the empty Magic Hour and replaced the bar's credit card reader with one of his own.

All together now: Ruh roh.

But the teen's innovative illegal way to collect extra cash wasn't the only instance that made us channel our inner Scooby Doo. Here are seven other moments that gave us cause for concern during this week's "FC":

  1. Gabe gets busted for DUI.

    The out-of-control youth blew a 1.6 on the Breathalyzer and completely wrecked his wheels -- all with Ben riding shotgun. Can someone call Promises already?

  2. Magic Hour is running out of time (see what we did there?).

    Due to sky-high rent he can barely pay, Jared revealed that his bar may soon shut its doors. Time to update that resume, Carter!

  3. Carter nearly causes the suffocation of hundreds.

    The rave little Miss Wilson threw to raise cash for Magic Hour started out well, but before long, people practically started fainting due to heat exhaustion. Thank God for quick thinking -- and fire sprinkler systems.

  4. Taylor shuts down Gabe. Hard.

    The G-man got rejected after finally admitting he's in love with Tay, leading us to worry he'll continue his downward spiral of fast cars, fast women and lots of booze. #prayersforgabe

  5. Lori convinces the social worker she's sane.

    When Ben and his mom were the focus of a home study visit, Lori inexplicably totally charmed the social worker tasked with checking out their family life. Guess that woman wasn't trained to spot "crazy" when she sees it...

  6. Carter hooks up with Jared.

    After weeks of romantic tension, Magic Hour's newest waitress finally got romantic with the bar's owner. The only problem: He's 25 and she's 17, and if they go beyond kissing, that ish is illegal.

  7. Carter admits she's jailbait.

    Jared's response? "You need to leave. Now." And considering the facts that he's been macking on an underage girl plus it's totally illegal for a 17-year-old to be serving alcohol in the state of Virginia, we can't really blame the guy.

Tell us: Do you think Gabe will be able to get over Taylor? And will Jared fire Carter from Magic Hour now that he knows her real age? Head to the comments with all your "FC" thoughts, and be sure to watch another episode Tuesday at 10/9c!