Which 'Real World' Castie Had The Best Reaction To Their 'Skeleton' Invasion?

The Chicago gang welcomed everyone from cherished siblings to mortal enemies.

This is the true story...of seven strangers...who were completely stunned when people from their outside lives unexpectedly showed up at their Chicago pad.

During this season of "The Real World," the show's twentysomethings were repeatedly surprised by the arrival of their "skeleton" -- or, in some cases, skeletons. Even though relationships with the peeps varied from estranged (Bruno and his brother Briah) to close-knit (Nicole and her siblings), there was no denying the sheer shock on the roomies' faces when that dreaded -- or delightful -- doorbell rang.

Relive all of the astonished expressions below -- plus see a teaser of the final surprise cameo! -- and tell us who had the best reaction to their visitor(s). Also, be sure to tune in to the season finale on Tuesday at 10/9c.

  1. Not sure if it was possible for the sassy Texan to open her mouth any wider when she saw her boss Alicia sitting in the backyard.

  2. The notorious ladies' man looked like he wanted to duck for cover at the sight of his former hometown lady Elizabeth.

  3. Even though the Floridian declared she was ready for what was coming her way, she didn't look too pleased when her enemies Jessica and Tia were just around the corner.

  4. Nicole

    The Wolfpack member was positively elated to see her sisters -- and she quickly jumped into their arms.

  5. Bruno

    The hamburger lover was totally blindsided -- look at that blank stare -- when his younger sibling arrived in the Windy City.

  6. Another happy camper: Bubbles, who had a reunion with her sister Rachel.

  7. The visibly bewildered new dad shakes hands with a man he's never met: his father.