The 'Real World' House Is About To Go To War...All Because Of A Hamburger

Lesson learned: Don't touch Bruno's protein.

Chicago may be famous for its deep-dish pizzas, but it's about to become rather infamous for its ground beef.

On the next episode of "Real World: Skeletons," Bruno, a lover of protein and committed gatekeeper to his cherished stock of hamburgers, will come home to find one of his prepared sandwiches has already been chowed down. And in the sneak peek below, he lets his fellow housemates know he's not too happy about the burger burglary.

(Word to the wise: You can always blame it on this guy.)

In the video, Tony, Sylvia and Jason return from the bar, still shaken by a fight that broke out in the city, but Bruno's not interested in the play-by-play. And after shrugging off his housemates' war stories, he starts a battle of his own and lobs some serious verbal warfare their way. The gang seems completely caught off-guard by his aggression, and Sylvia's not willing to take the shots.

"For him to get so mad over hamburgers, there is clearly something wrong with you," she says before sending a loud flurry of "F*** you!"s Bruno's way.

Potential for craziest "Real World" fight ever? Check out the clip, and be sure to tune in to the next new "Real World: Skeletons" episode next Tuesday night at 10/9c!