'Real World' Poll: Does Sylvia's Skeleton Deserve The Benefit Of The Doubt?

Alicia didn't get the warmest welcome to Chicago...

If there's a welcome mat outside the "Real World: Skeletons" house, it might need to be amended -- say, to something like "Welcome (unless you're Sylvia's boss and have a history of condescending to her and spreading lies at her expense)."

On tonight's episode, the Season 30 twist was finally revealed, and while Sylvia was down the street from the cast's house conducting an interview, her boss/arch-nemesis Alicia, who's notorious for badmouthing her employee, moved in. Madison was quick to welcome the house's brand-new tenant, but others, like Violetta and Nicole, weren't so kind. And by the time the credits rolled, Alicia's bedding had been tossed down to the first floor, and her bed nearly followed.

Violetta, who's become close to Sylvia over the course of the season, had an immediate suspicion Alicia was the very same person Sylvia had been denouncing for weeks. And when Alicia made a snide remark about Sylvia's dating history behind her back (exact words: "She's lots of people's wives"), V snapped and knew her wariness was warranted. "I'm just gonna flat-out say it: I don't like you," she barked. And though Jason warned her it was too early to form an opinion, Violetta carried on and continued to berate her new housemate.

"You are a horrible human being," she continued. "You just suck."

Madison continued to urge her housemates to wait for Sylvia before casting definite judgment and pleaded with them to give Alicia the benefit of the doubt, but V and Nicole seem to have their minds made up. So, considering the cocky way Alicia entered the house -- and her history with Sylvia -- does she deserve the opportunity to share her story, or is the rest of the cast right to shut her out?

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