Violetta Prepares To Battle The Skeleton Forces On Tonight’s 'Real World'

The hot-headed housemate is more than ready for her personalized invasion.

The city of Troy never saw the Trojan Horse coming, but thankfully for "Real World"'s Violetta, Chicago's encroaching enemies have given plenty of warning.

V, who has predicted a particularly venomous Skeleton is headed her way (and with guns blazing), gets more and more evidence that her battle is nearing. And in the sneak peek below, Sylvia and Madison, who notice producers setting up beds in preparation, rush to the bar where Violetta's working a shift to warn her. Got your popcorn ready to go?

At first, V looks completely shaken by the news, but soon, her mood changes and she evolves into a completely eager infantryman. "If the person that I think is coming is coming for me, Lord, am I excited to see this," V says after digesting the message in the video. "It's almost like getting ready for combat. You've trained, you got it, go into war, win it."

Think Violetta will be able to work out a ceasefire with the opposing forces, or are we in for World War III? Check out the segment, and be sure to tune in to what's sure to be a memorable "Real World" episode tonight at 10/9c!