Another 'Skeleton' Arrives: Will Bruno Be Able To Live With His Estranged Brother?

He could only muster an 'Oh my God' when his sibling showed up at the 'Real World' house.

They say blood is thicker than water, but that old adage was challenged on tonight's episode of "Real World: Skeletons" when Bruno's younger brother Briah arrived at the house -- and the siblings' super-rocky past was revealed.

Even before Briah rang the doorbell, Bruno's nerves were already shaken -- he'd just lost his temper when Tony and Jason consumed one of his hamburgers. The reason for his outburst: The situation, ironically, resembled one from his past.

"I got in an argument with my brother -- and we haven't talked for two-and-a-half years -- because of food," the Rhode Islander admitted during a separate interview, post-burger scandal. "There was more that was said after."

And those words were particularly hurtful, he later explained to his roommates: After Briah ate Bruno's tuna -- and Bruno lashed out because it was "his protein" -- Briah told his brother that he should have died the night he got hit by a car in a life-threatening accident and that he would "die by cancer." Sharing the story was tough for Bruno, but it paled in comparison to the moment when -- a few hours later -- he saw who was standing on the front porch. Practically speechless, he only managed to utter a telling "Oh my god."

Before Briah arrived, Bruno declared that their explosive argument had made him realize that he can easily let people go if they do wrong by him. But he won't be able to escape his issues with Briah any longer. So will Bruno be able to make amends with his brother? Or will he stick by his previous statement that he will never forgive Briah for his actions? And most importantly, will they be able to co-exist under the same roof? Share your theories below, and keep watching "Real World: Skeletons" on Tuesdays at 10/9c.