Family Vacation Flirting: Is Vinny 'Obsessed' With Angelina -- Or Vice-Versa?

If you ask Pauly D, they just need to 'pound it out'

The neverending "sexual tension" between Angelina and Vinny came to a head on tonight's Jersey Shore: Family Vacation premiere when strip club shenanigans quickly morphed into an Angelinny wrestling match.

"They got a lot of sexual tension," said their audience of one, Pauly D. "They're going at each other, wrestling, punching, fighting. You guys have to pound it out and get it over with."

Er, perhaps you mean "pound it out a second time," Pauly, seeing as the two smushed way back when during Jersey Shore Season 2.

The duo's impromptu pillow fight lasted for a solid 30 minutes, culminating with a stare-down by security and a rather loud toot courtesy of the keto guido.

Fast forward to family dinner at Teak, and Angelina and Vinny found themselves deep in "a regular conversation" (reminiscent of a first date, no less), where they discovered some interesting commonalities that go beyond a certain shared hometown.

"I like rough sex. I wasn't trying to have sex with you. I'm just saying I don't mind if somebody chokes me out," divulged the dirty little hamster, to which Vinny declared, "The craziest girls are the best in bed."

Shocked by the pair's newfound friendship and personal confessions, the housemates jokingly had an anniversary bottle of wine delivered to their end of the table, at which point Vinny kissed his former nemesis on the cheek.

"Dammit -- kid's, like, obsessed with me," joked Angelina. "Maybe Vinny just cannot find the words to express how much he loves me."

Call us crazy, but could it be possible that Angelina is the one obsessed with Vinny? Their recent family vacation romp isn't the first time the taxi-cab sharter put her hands on the Chippendales star in recent months. There was the manhood grabbing and hate-f*ck jokes, not to mention the gallons of baby oil she slathered on Vin's bod due to a lost game of Jenga.

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