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Mark Ronson Wants To Release His New Collaboration With Miley Cyrus Soooooo Bad

'Very psyched for you all to hear this one, whenever mama says it's OK'

As sure as we are that Miley Cyrus is preparing to release a new album this year, there's another thing that we're now aware of: She has a new collaboration with Mark Ronson, and if Ronson's recent tweet is any evidence, it's for the bad guys in relationships.

Ronson tweeted a quick teaser of his new collaboration with Miley yesterday (January 7). The brief preview appears in Miley's 10 Years in 10 Minutes documentary as the last clip. The hot and heavy instrumental made of equal parts moans and tickling bass drums was previously teased as a song known as "Bad Karma" last year. What's new is that Ronson has publicly claimed the instrumental as his own, meaning that this part of Miley's new era coincides with what Ronson is also working on.

When he shared it with the world, he made it clear that it's going to be in a completely different musical realm than the downtrodden bops that appeared on his 2019 album, Late Night Feelings, which featured Miley on its lead single, "Nothing Breaks Like a Heart." Ronson had a statement to make on Twitter about this collaboration and this year: It's another beast entirely.

No release date is set, though Ronson is excited to drop it. But he has to wait until he gets the all-clear from Miley. "Very psyched for you all to hear this one, whenever mama says it's OK," he wrote.

Miley's She Is Miley Cyrus album is set to come out sometime before the year is over. She split the LP into three six-song EPs – She Is Coming, She Is Here, and She Is Everything  – and released the first part last May. Since her new era has officially begun, we're officially on Miley watch until the LP comes out.

Whose project will this new song appear on? We'll have to wait to find out. Check out Mark Ronson's preview of Miley's new song up above.